April 2016! Boston and surrounding areas! Openings and Closings!

OK, it’s that time again. This is not a joke. Got anything spanking new or sadly shutting down, here’s your thread.

Happened last week, but it’s news: Waban Kitchen abruptly shut down, which is too bad, as I thought it was pretty good, based on a couple of visits.

heng heng fast food on branch street in lowell is on vacation until 4/28

moldova restaurant on watertown street in newton is finally open

saw a new food truck in malden center called indulge india

Former A4 pizza in Somerville now has a sign reading “coming soon Veggie pizza” and something about vegan options and all vegetarian.

It is called something like “Veggie Crust” and I read somewhere that is the owners of Dosa and Curry next door expanding. They will also have some gluten-free pizza. I’m assuming they will be using the A4 pizza oven. I got takeout Indian pizza once from them a couple years back and we all enjoyed it, so it could be promising, especially with a really good pizza oven.

Juliet is open in Union Sq Somerville. Nice space, seems like a good concept. Open all day, counter service with both tables and counter seating. I had the breakfast tacos. Very nice, with unusually good soft corn tortillas.

I’ll be interested to see how they do in that location. I stopped in for lunch when I was in Union Square recently. I was surprised by how limited the lunch menu was. I had the ham on baguette. It was a tasty sandwich, but not very substantial. It was enough for me, but I generally eat light prior to dinner. Service was friendly enough, and they wisely seem to be trying to figure where their clientele is coming from.

It looks like they committed a decent investment to the build out and equipment. I wonder if they will be able to generate enough traffic in that location. Juliet bills itself as a neighborhood place, but I just wonder if it is right for that neighborhood. I don’t know why but it seems a bit out of it’s sweet spot there. I know they recently opened, but it was not very busy when I was in there. They will need lots of neighborhood foot traffic given that access to that location can be challenging.

I wish them luck and hope they expand their lunch menu a bit.

Apparently Atasca in Cambridge served their last meal on March 30th, meaning one less outpost for pork and clams in a general area that used to have a lot more good Portuguese offerings. (O Cantinho, my heart sighs for you). This place wasn’t spectacular, but I always found it welcoming and solid. Will be replaced by another Schlesinger joint,.

Whoops… posted in March and should have been April. Dosa n’ Curry, Somerville Avenue outside of Union Square, Somerville, had their neon OPEN sign on Friday.

According to the Boston Globe, “Somerville’s Dosa-n-Curry will open a new restaurant, Veggie Crust & Nice Cream, next to their current digs (447 Somerville Ave. at School Street). Enjoy vegetarian and vegan pizzas, gluten-free pizzas, and vegan ice cream.”

Thanks, nonaggie. That’s good info, and will give my vegan friend and me another option for our dinners out.

Lineage (Brookline) will be permanently closing on August 1.

as a followup here, Hidden Boston is reporting that Waban Kitchen’s sister restaurant 51 Lincoln has filed for bankruptcy


multiple sources reporting Verna’s donuts in Cambridge has been closed over nonpayment of rent


Not an opening, but there is definitely some food-related activity going on in the former Salvage vintage furnishings shop (sob! I loved that place!) on Mass Ave in East Arlington which I just walked by tonight. Does anyone have any intel?

Oh, damn. My daughter-in-law loved that place. Anyway, I remembered reading something on wickedlocal and managed to find it. It will be a new ice cream shop from the food truck Scoop and Scootery. Mass Ave will have lots of ice cream with the new Honeycomb Creamery opening up near or in Porter.



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The address on their website was formerly Evelyn & Angels between Harvard and Porter.

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