The scrumptious and moist dried Blenheim apricots from California’s Apricotking.com were discussed at length in “the other place” but not, apparently, here. I’m particularly partial to the slip-pits, a.k.a. slippies. These are partially dried before the pits are removed, which adds a slighlt almondy taste to them. They are made from the best and largest Blenheims, so typically are the size of a dried peach. I just made a whopper of a purchase, but I will be repackaging half for holiday gifts. 8# of bulk slippies for $140 (on sale, usually $160). Though clicking the buy button gave me pause, it’s considerably less per pound than the smaller containers. I am also a major fan of their dried Bartlett pears.


Thanks for the info and link. Have you ever tried their walnuts?

I don’t think I’ve had their nuts. At any rate, if I have, and they’re exceptional, I’d remember.

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Ignorant me. They are at my farmer’s market every week. I’ve passed by them so many times that I didn’t even make the connections until I saw their logo. I even recognized the ladies in this picture.

So I should give them a visit this Sunday. I don’t remember if they sell bulk stuff at the market.

I did give some of my 2019 bounty to friends at Christmas, and carefully rationed the rest to myself. A favorite afternoon treat is a mug of Constant Comment tea, a shortbread cookie, and 3 dried Blenheims. I am down to the final 6, so today’s email announcing 10% off orders over $100, through 9/14, was perfect timing

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I placed an order as a Xmas gift for my husband. He loves apricots. Thanks for the recommendation. The shipping charge was what gave me pause before clicking the buy button, but I thought oh what the heck.:christmas_tree:


Do they have slip pits now? A couple of months ago at the farmer market stand they didn’t have any.

Here you go.:slightly_smiling_face: