Applebee's menu suggestions

A very dear friend (someone who knew my husband for over 65 years kind of dear) has asked me and his brother and wife out for dinner this Saturday. I just got off the phone with his brother, and we are going to…Applebee’s! My reaction to him was, good, what time? But that’s not what I was thinking!

I can’t remember the last time I went to Applebee’s. Obviously, the meeting with friends is most important, and it’s one meal out of my life. I’m really looking forward to it.

What are you best suggestions for best picks off the menu?


Good for you! Great attitude!

It’s been decades since I went to Applebee’s so I have no good suggestions. The safest option is probably order a burger, nibble around the edges, eat some fries and enjoy the company.


Ha, we have some friends who are also Applebee’s fans. Although there are horror stories galore, ours is fine and their beer is very cold. I have had ok quesadillas, grilled chicken Caesar, brisket tacos, and the like. Simpler the better and no pasta dishes. Burgers tend to be greasy. Have a good time!


Some while ago, Applebee’s was our go-to when traveling. I always had excellent meals, while husband seemed to consistently order stinkers. I kept it SIMPLE. Grilled chicken salad, or in those days, grilled steak salad. Dressing on the side. Meat, a quite decent small steak, cooked to order. Fresh, clean and satisfying.
Husband would read the glossy menu, be seduced by some complex combination that was doomed from the start. At one point he said, in disgust and frustration, "I should stop reading the menu and just tell them, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Not a bad idea. Just keep it simple and you’ll do fine.


All I can tell you about Applebee’s is their booze is good and cheap!!! (Just out of curiosity which one are you going to since you are semi-local to me)

The one by me (Eatontown) has a great outdoor bar, fire pit and outside lounge area, which is also cigar friendly. I went with my son about a year ago and we just had some cocktails at the outside bar. We had a few rounds and when I asked for the check I was shocked at the drink prices (low) so I questioned the bartender about it, specifically asking if it was a late night happy hour or something?

He took my inquiry as a complaint and next thing I knew I had a manager asking me if I had some question on my check. So I repeated my question asking if it was a late night happy hour, he said “no”, so i was like these are just your normal prices? He looked at the check and confirmed and I said, “wow I’ve gotta come here more often” then he realized I wasn’t arguing the price, just genuinely impressed by them. I think their martini’s were $5? (not house booze)

So I suggest you eat before you go, say you have a tummy ache and just have a couple martini’s and enjoy your friends! Best of luck!


Wow, who’d have thought the booze might be the best part of the restaurant! I’m going to the one on Route 35 in Wall. I think that have a few outside tables, but it’s not really outside weather.

I love the idea to eat before I go, then drink and pick a little while talking a lot. I’ll make a couple of simple choices, and enjoy the company and friendship of lifelong friends.

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.


It was my late parents’ go-to in South Florida, and whenever I found a menu item I liked - or, at least, tolerated - it would be discontinued. (They used to have a coconut shrimp appetizer and a salad with small shrimp, both of which I’d recommend if still on the menu.) I also recall having a pretty good BLT with avocado. I would therefore recommend ordering a sandwich or a salad, although finding the latter without a breaded or overly “seasoned” protein may be a challenge.


I went to one in Seabrook, NH with my Mom because I knew it would have enough things that she would like. I was surprised when I liked the “Grilled Oriental Chicken Salad”. But that might not be “dinnerish” enough (and I really wish they’d change the name!)


Road food for me - not great but dependable. I like the chicken wonton stir-fry although often a little salty. Sweet and savory chicken is good. Grilled chicken breast is good but I’m not a fan of Applebees fries. Watch the calories on the menu - some of the dishes are a surprise.

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Excellent point. My in-laws decided on Applebee’s for meals that involve the grandkids, though one of the kids won’t touch so much as a sip of water there due to food-aversion issues. Sigh. There are better choices in our area at about the same price point, you know?

Keeping it simple, watching the calories, and/or maybe ordering a boozy cocktail—if I’m not driving—are tactics I’ll keep in mind for the next compulsory Applebee’s meal.

Such a savvy crew here.


Applebee’s water is different from other restaurants’ water?:confused:


It’s the very same water that comes out of the tap at home and exactly the same as at the two nearby restaurants where said child will consume one or two food items.

Unfortunately said child has serious food aversion issues plus a couple of diagnosed food allergies, but does not receive the support and education needed to stay safe while coping well.

Sadly I’m not in a position to intervene or be of any real help due to unresolved stresses within the extended family. For example, a wise “allergy mom” I know packs a meal for her kid when circumstances call for a meal out. But I’m not permitted to do anything other than go along with the decision to meet somewhere where one of the kids won’t consume anything. :worried:

Next time I am going to insist that either a meal is packed for the kid or some other accommodation is made so everyone feels like they can choose to eat something. Or we don’t attend the gathering, which I would be okay with.

P.S. Sorry to swerve off track to answer the question.


I obviously don’t know how this kid’s parents will take that, but it seems perfectly reasonable to me. I could sit and eat at a table with an adult that has agreed to go to a particular restaurant even though they won’t (for whatever their reasons) eat anything there - unless I know from experience that they’re the passive-aggressive type of course :wink:, but I’d find it incredibly awkward and uncomfortable to do it with a kid who’s been “dragged” there without any sort of accomodation (leaving all the other “issues” aside…)


I was going to suggest that. It is pretty good and what I would order.

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1470 calories is a lot for a salad, even with protein. I expect it’s a nice lunch, but it is a BIG lunch.

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I was surprised at that as well. I do wonder how they came to those results.

Lots of butter and oil, fried noodles.

Here you go: . I’m a calorimeter guy myself.

Yup, I know that a lot of butter is used in restaurant cooking. The only thing “cooked” is the chicken, however. So for a salad with chicken on it, I still didn’t think it would be almost 1500 calories.

Hard to believe a restaurant chain would report higher calories than they have to.

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I wonder how much of the 1470 calories are attributed to the dressing? (maybe?)