Apple Cheddar bundt cake

Today, the ever-creative Gesine Bullock-Prado posted a special cake for Cabot Creamery’s 100th anniversary, on Facebook. You might expect a cheesecake for such a commemoration, but Gesine is too inventive for something so predictable. She produced a charming bust of a dairy cow, beneath whose buttercream-flower-bedecked crown is a bundt cake. The recipe, which appears at, sounds worth a try. She says that the cheese, being on the dry side, adds flavor without a gooey texture. As someone who enjoys the pairing of apple pie and cheddar, I’ve bookmarked it.Screenshot_2019-04-15-16-08-20_kindlephoto-9284339

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Oooh, this reminds me of apple cheddar and bacon Dutch pancakes I had in Amsterdam last year. drools Those were so good.