Anything you are eying for your next culinary adventure ?

For me I’m in Nor Cal fly fishing on vacation . I’m headed to the railroad park restaurant in Dunsmuir for the primed rib . Hey , it’s a adventure for me up here .Wherever you are in the world what are you looking forward to for that next food adventure ?

I plan to cook a whole fish on a wood fired grill soon. Will certainly be checking in beforehand for pointers.

@paprikaboy’s post earlier about samosas sent me off in search of recipes. I’m going to try a standard deep fried potato/pea one and well as the same filling baked into phyllo pastry triangles. I’ve not found a good version near me here in Eastern Washington so I’ll just have to do it myself.

Next holiday is christmas-new year and that means I am going to be in Germany for 2 weeks. New beers and breads to be discovered and old favourites to be had again.

Germany :sparkling_heart:


I’m off to Rome in a few weeks and have booked a table at Checchino dal 1887. I found out about it from a Jay Rayner review and can do no better that quote directly from the review as to the dish I’m most looking forward to try try:

"From the antipasti there is a dish of calf’s head, long boiled in a spiced broth, then pressed and chilled, before being sliced thinly and served on a warm plate so the gelatine and fat begins to melt”

In January I’m off round India and SE Asia and where do you to start with all that I’m looking forward to?. Though it begins in Goa and looking forward to trying a proper Vindaloo.


Sounds something like our own brawn, PB. Or the Flemish “potje vleesh”.

In which case, it should be a cracker.

Next up for me is making chicola bread. I’ve got the dough component down, know where to get the pork, just need to do it when people are around to enjoy with me as it tastes best the day you bake it.

I’m dreaming of a North Carolina BBQ trail run, starting in Charlotte as a hub and making like a three day circuit. I’ve already started to draw up an itinerary and everything.

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I’m not in Rome, but I just ate a plate of this. In various parts of Italy, this is either called soppressata or testa in cassetta. Most places only make it winter. It’s one of my favorite salami-type meats because it is not cured, therefore not as hard on the insides as meats that are cured.

I want to go to Poland.

I’m am on my way to my annual trip to Aruba, and for hopefully the entire week I will be dining on different versions of wahoo. I am NOT a seafood person, but that is the most delicious fish I have ever had, so I’m am looking so forward to it. Wish more places here in the North East would carry it.

On a side note, I had some Mahi Mahi at Bonefish Grill last week and I’ve got to say I was VERY impressed with it.

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You’ll be surprised how easy it is, not to mention delicious. Whole trout or mackerel are fantastic off the grill.

Jelly. HMU if you need any recs in Berlin!

You’re not wrong. I ate a lot of barbecued mackerel in Croatia and it was fantastic. it even converted the missus who was previously a mackerel sceptic.

I’m heading to SF the week before Thxgiving and will eat my way around with a few West Coasters I haven’t met IRL yet & some I met years ago. So that should be interesting, tasty and fun :smiley:

I’ve also not been back to SF in 18 years. Oy. Time fries when yer gettin’ old…

Yes, of course. I have not been back to Berlin since 97’ and seems I keep going south and everywhere else since.

It’s not easy being a swine. Es fällt mir unendlich schwer!
I have started working off the previous hols this week :@)) :@))

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I have never been a big fish eater. I can catch them, clean them and cook them, but you will more than likely find me eating just about any other type of seafood instead.

I was thinking more along the lines of a red snapper. My nephews catch them quite often for the seafood mkt, but they have been coming in with 4 lbs per and thats a bit bigger than I want. I am thinking 1.5 to 2.0…sound good? I think that a trout is what got me started on this idea. I went to a restaurant about a yr ago and my BIL ordered the whole grilled fish. I have never had a reaction to a fish…it was gorgeous. It smelled heavenly, I think he winked at me.

I do like mackerel. But only smoked. That and smoked mullet. The smoke.flavor covers up the fish taste. Also, grew up close to a place called Ted Peters Smoked Fish. Best fish dip ever.

My Sis that we used to cook fish on the fire/ grill…with one of those fish holders. Not the same. Fillet a fish, stick it in between two wire things and throw it on the grill isnt what I am thinking. :wink:

Maybe try whole trout first, then. It’s really very mild compared to mackerel (and in general). Rub the skin with some olive oil, rosemary, kosher salt & pepper.

Grill on med-high for about 10 minutes on each side or until skin is crispy. Serve with several lemon wedges to squeeze all over and more salt & pepper if necessary :slight_smile:

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Yes, start with trout, as suggested by Lingua.
Mackerel is very nice grilled whole. Flesh is firm and moist, not to mention flavourful.
In some places you get it on a stick.

I’m a big fish/seafood eater!

Not really sure where I’ll be going next, but Oaxaca, arepas and saganaki all sound pretty swell right now.

(Though I haven’t had anything remotely related to those three nouns lately, I’m thinking saganaki in an arepa would be good times.)


Oh drat! We’ll be in SF over Thanksgiving. Shoot. Our fave dim sum place if House of Banquet in the Inner Richmond.