Anything to replace the old Lebanese Red Fez?

Lately we’ve been reminiscing about the delicious, genuine Lebanese food from The Red Fez - formerly located in the South End of Boston. Their fresh green salad with generous helpings of fresh mint and a tart lemon dressing, the perfectly grilled kebabs and koftas, the liver (fried and raw), the tabouli! It was all wonderful and served up by frisky old waitresses. Is there anything in Greater Boston to rival or at least replicate this beloved former outpost of fresh Lebanese fare?


I never made it to Red Fez, but have enjoyed Anoush’ella at the Time Out market in Fenway, and they have a full restaurant in the South End as well. They self-describe as “Armenian-Lebanese” so maybe not a direct replacement, but worth a try?


Lots of options in Norwood and West Roxbury. Byblos is probably the best.