anything new in London Chinatown?

The last time I noted any excitement about a new-ish place in Chinatown was the terrific Maotai Kitchen a couple of years ago. I know there has been some churn since then. Anyone know of any good newcomers?

Jin Li looks interesting:

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Going there soon! Apparently the wait is long, though. Lots of excitement on Chinese social media about this being the best Sichuan cooking in London.

They also seem to like Feng Wei Shi Tang (Food House), to a somewhat lesser extent - very diverse menu there, hitting all the latest trendy dishes. Also, Shu Xiang Ge for specialty hotpot with an astonishing selection of raw ingredients to choose from. Good Friend Chicken for Taiwanese style fried chicken.

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I went to Feng Wei Shi Tang about a year ago. I remember particularly liking the pan-fried garlic shoots with la rou — very nicely judged crispness to the garlic shoots, and just the right amount of la rou (i.e. not too much). (Photo: The rice let them down though — I think they didn’t wash it properly before they cooked it, because it was very starchy.

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