Anything good in Sausalito open late?

I just took advantage of a Travelzoo discount and purchased tickets for a sunset sail on the Freda B schooner for late-July in Sausalito Bay. It’s supposed to depart the yacht harbor at 7 and return by 9:30 pm.

I’d prefer not to eat beforehand; there’s local wines for purchase on board, and we’ll pack Cowgirl cheese from the Ferry Bldg and a bottle of Dramamine! :slight_smile:

I was hoping to make res. for a late bite on the water afterwards, but I’m guessing the combo of downtown Sausalito, Sunday night, and after-9pm is probably not going to yield many options…

Also, the initial plan was to arrive via G.G. Ferry but I’ll drive if there’s good meal-related reason!

As a backup, is there anything fun on the SF bay side, near the ferry terminal or along the California cable car line that would be serving after 10 pm on a Sunday night?

I suppose we could always pack a full picnic as a last resort…