Anyplace still serve old-fashioned Potato Croquettes around here?

The last time I had them was at Gina Marie’s Chianti in Tuckahoe and venerable Mario’s on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. They can be so comforting…
Who else still serves potato croquettes?

Carlo’s in Yonkers.

Mama Rosa in Somers

Casa Rina in Thornwood.

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Oh, and Turcos always has them in their appetising/deli counter

Occasionally they serve them at La Riserva in Larchmont. Had one on my plate of sea bass at lunch yesterday…by the way, the renovation of this restaurant completed earlier this year is beautiful!

Riveria in Pleasantville. Great thread. I love them too!

Delica in san francisco (crab cream croquettes!)

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LOL! I guess she didn’t post OP didn’t post the area that is “around here” huh!

Just In case you’re in the neighborhood :wink:

Wish I were . SF is my favorite city.

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