Anyone watched Clarkson's Farm?

I liked it. I think some parts of it are not scripted which is good for a show of its nature.
Cheerful Charlie looks like a brother of Gordon Ramsay. :smile:

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I don’t know which of those two on-screen personalities I detest more.

Unfortunately, we havent yet managed to export Clarkson to the western side of the Atlantic.


Honestly speaking, I don’t like them either. Too big egos. But the very reason I liked the Farm was that Clarkson has softened a little bit in his character assassination, and avoided racism.

I know I posted something about the show on some other thread about farming but can’t remember where. I really enjoyed the show. Was entertaining and informative. I do like Jeremy. I am not bothered by his bombast. Hoping there might be a second series. Clarkson was much more interesting than Hammond. I also like May. By the way, James May has two shows on Prime that I found amusing. James May Can’t Cook and when he does his tour of Japan.

I’m not quite sure that I like Jeremy in terms of his attitude, I mean all that racism. But I enjoy his shows because they are well planned and directed. Maybe that’s Mr. Wilman’s work.
I liked James May’s Oh Cook too.
But, having said that, James May rendered his whole Japan tour rubbish for me with just one thing: He tried to prove that nuking Japan was for their good. He tried to sell the idea that Japan actually benefited from Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuking. I had an argument with May on Twitter about it, and at the end he actually had no valid answer. He was out of any silly reasons and was fuming.
I mean, having pro American ideas is a personal thing, but trying to whitewash one of the most heinous crimes against humanity ever, that’s abominable.
Hammond, on the other hand, is the likeable character for me, and I liked his show “The Great Escapists.” It was better than “Richard Hammond’s Big.”

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I easily hate Clarkson more and wish we could export him too!

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