Anyone up for a fish fry?

I don’t think we have any church-y ones - please correct me if I’m wrong! This list has some good suggestions:


I bet there are Friday church-y ones for Lent – maybe @DaveCook has some insight into neighborhood-y ones.

I’m up for it, but aside from the Lent factor it’s just fried fish on any day, right?

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I checked the NYC Reddit because I was curious. Looks like someone in this query mentioned that there were some church fish fries further afield in Bed Stuy. There’s a restaurant called Bed Stuy Fish Fry so the poster might have been thinking of that restaurant, rather than church/ service club fish fries.

I’m going to bump Reddit to see what crops up.

I searched, and the only one I found was in Inwood (fine!), but it’s tomorrow (not fine!). Church of the Good Shepherd.

This one? (Fish Frys are a Fridays during Lent thing as I understand)


That’s the one!

It’s not that far – the A and the 1 are both right around there.

Every so often this time of year, I stumble across a fish fry in progress, or find evidence (usually a flyer taped to a utility pole) of a fish fry just past. The annual Good Shepherd Fish Fry, which leads off my brief roundup of food events this week, is one of the few such events I’ve ever stumbled across (virtually) in advance.

These events are as much about the fellowship as about the food. While you’ll certainly be welcome at Good Shepherd – as I was when I sampled a score of chilis at the church school’s annual contest a couple of years ago – you shouldn’t expect a great deal of variety, just good chow and good conversation.

some of these listings (I looked into the Brooklyn listings) look like concepts more than actual restaurants…either old info or minimally researched, it seems like. I love fried fish places but I guess in general my nabe has gotten too upscale to support them - we used to have a shop around the corner (early-mid 80s) that sold fried whiting and chicken gizzards from behind bulletproof partitions! The DeKalb Market place might be worth a checkout, tho I rarely get down there.