Anyone try Steve's Ice Cream out of Brooklyn?

I usually find it at Balducci’s, but I know they have other outlets. We find their Salted Caramel flavor to be sublime! They sell at a premium though, $6.99 a pint.

I haven’t had it in years 1980’s, but I remember it well, it was incredible. I still remember the mouth feel luxurious, fabulous wonderful, yum! Even the ice cream bars which were available at the Bronxville A&P were better than anything on the market at the time. The chocolate (dark) coating was about a sixteenth of an inch thick, and very good quality for something available at a supermarket. IMO the only ice cream at that time that compared was Frusen Gladje. If Steve’s hasn’t been messed with I may be in trouble! I see it is available at the fresh market so I will pick up a pint.

Good to know. I’ve seen pints for sale at Wegmans, but didn’t know anything about it. Must try when I get back home.

I’ve tried a couple of their flavors, but the only one I really liked was the Strawberry Ricotta. The Bourbon Vanilla was absolutely terrible - the texture was just completely wrong. I have only purchased it from small grocery stores in Queens, though, which are not necessarily known for high turnover of premium product nor impeccable storage practices, so that could have been part of the problem.

I just did a little digging, not surprisingly Steve’s is not the ice cream it once was.
I will try it regardless :frowning: I’m disappointed but not surprised .

Grocery Outlet has it every now and then for $3. I’m not a fan though. I’ve tried the Bourbon Vanilla and the Cold Brew Coffee and could not get through a pint of either. The cold brew tasted overwhelmingly of powdered cinnamon and both had an unpleasant texture. Definitely dense.

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Fresh market no longer carries Steve’s
I am not going to go out of my way at this point to find it.
The article below sealed the deal, be sure to click on the “Steve’s of yore” link
in the body of the article… bummer, sorry Lingua

OMG, Steve’s! I had no idea it still existed in any form. I remember being a freshman in college (1983) and the huge line for the Georgetown Steve’s in DC on Friday nights. Actually, it was ok the line was long because there was so much to decide - what flavor, what mix-in(s). Good times!

Oh, well. I don’t eat that much ice cream anyway – and when I do, it’s usually homemade :slight_smile:

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Guess I will stick to the Salted Caramel for now. Really good…

You like it, GR at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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