Anyone tried Lincoln Kitchen? [Lincoln, MA]

We hit up the Decordova yesterday - a cold but sunny day, which highlights the stark beauty of the museum grounds. Afterwards, we did a drive-by at Lincoln Kitchen near the train station. We were not hungry enough to go in at 5 pm. Has anyone tried it? It’s from the same folks who own Trail’s End in Concord? Generally, we just need something serviceable, with decent beer and wine options, and a place that won’t mind a sometimes restless but always friendly 2.5 yo spring onion. It’d be nice to have something that fits this description that is so close to the Decordova.

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Digga, it’s on our list for cheapish Monday date night and we’ll give it a try within the next few weeks unless it’s too busy. I’ll report back.

Have you picnicked at the DeCordova? We go a few times a summer, packing folding canvas chairs. It’s great, rarely crowded. You can legally bring beer and wine, and the cipollini (he, I think?) will be able to toddle and run freely. I don’t have to tell you how fabulous the grounds are, with the deep peace of the towering evergreens and fun sculptures and it’s free after museum hours.

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