Anyone remember the old Cooks on Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck


It was a family friendly resto with a wind mill on the roof and huge arcade in the back. They leveled it about 15 years ago for a … wait for it… bank!

The cafeteria style food in front was just passing. But who knew better? And the price was right for a blue collar town.

However, back in the arcade – from pinball to racing simulations – what a blast. An era gone by.

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You forgot the crabby old man who gave change for the arcade(for many years) and also the popcorn machine back there -which had to have the bag or cup in place before putting money in the machine - so many ppl. had the popcorn just drop to the floor on the first try (myself included).I managed to take a few of the last pictures of the building - although it hadn’t been cooks for years

I don’t specifically know that place, but boy, do I agree with your sentiment. Even Nathan’s on Central Ave - or really, Adventurer’s Inn first. They had the arcade - but they also had good pastrami!!

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I MISS a good game of pinball - and NOT video games.Cooks front and rear was superior to Nathans (imho) the arcade (while larger) at Nathans was far too loud.

I remember I liked my hotdogs plain. My brother liked his “with the works!” and would load up his at the condiment bar. He bit into one hot dog and had to retrieve his first baby tooth from it.

Sometimes, the family would have to decide between Cook’s and some upstart a couple of stores down (McDonald’s). I always voted for Cook’s. (Pinball! My favorite game: Gottlieb’s Baseball.)

Off topic, but head down the Post Road in the other direction was a car dealership, Hory Chevrolet and Post, a discount store. Their music department had the Beatles on vinyl (of course) and on pre-recorded reel to reel tapes.

Candy bars were a nickel. A different world.

I turn 60 in about eight months. Inside every old person is a young person wondering what the hell happened!?