Anyone know where to find passionfruit jam? [Boston]

The Parsnipity family returned from an amazing trip to the Azores, where passionfruits fell from a trellis in front of the stable we were staying in. The entire island is obsessed with passionfruit, and maracuja is one of my few words of Portuguese. Imagine our dismay when our passionfruit jams, which were in sealed duty free bags, were confiscated at customs in Newark! Literally thrown in the trash in front of us. I tried to get the TSA lady to at least take them home for herself, to no avail. Apparently, they can’t test a spread for safety. Luckily, our cheeses made it through. That would have been a true disaster. Regardless, we were so looking forward to Portuguese sweet muffins with passionfruit jam as a reminder of our trip. I see Goya makes a passionfruit jam, but I haven’t been able to find it at Market Basket and I am loathe to order it from Amazon for $15. Has anyone seen Goya’s or another brand around? Ideally, Camberville area is easiest for us but we might be convinced to travel.

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Do you cook? I’ve found plenty of passion fruit jam recipes online.

Once the passion fruit on our vine is ripe I plan to make passion fruit jam.

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Oh, yeah. I cook. Three times a day, every day. With two spring onions and a full time job, I’m sort of maxed out on keeping us in healthy home cooked meals, and not really looking for a project. Also, I suspect buying passion fruits and then turning them into jam might be even less cost effective than Amazoning it. Where do you live that you have a passion fruit vine?

I live in Los Angeles, CA.

I was introduced to cooking with passion fruit by one of my favorite recipe blogs,

I got frustrated with the high price of passion fruit, usually about $2.00 a piece, so I asked my green thumbed husband to plant passion fruit on our fence The vine is prolific.


Do you have a Brazilian grocery store near to where you live? We have one a few blocks away; they have fresh passion fruit, passion fruit juice, passion fruit jam, passion fruit pulp, passion fruit candy, etc.

If you don’t have a Brazilian grocery store nearby, there’s always Amazon.

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Same on Madeira. Passion fruit everywhere. Some even eat them in a custard sauce with fried fish (I had to try so I could slag it off).

Every day of the 2 weeks there I looked forward to eating passion fruit. First thing in the morning…

I brought home a day pack full of fresh fruits. Did you see any banana passion fruit (photo centre left)? Ready to eat when they turn completely yellow.


Oh no! I feel your pain . We just got back from Maui and I loaded up our checked bags with passion fruit jam, butter, etc. Hope you find a source!


Do a Google search for Lilikoi jam. There are many boutique makers here in Hawaii…and many of them do mail order. The most popular commercial producer is Hawaiian Sun, and they are available from many mail order sources including walmart and Amazon. The best is to have a Hawaii connection of a good and reliable boutique maker.

Aunty Lilikoi is made here on Kauai, and I can attest to their quality. I buy their lilikoi juice.
One of my dear friends here had (past tense) a business called Monkeypod Jam where she made and sold jams, preserves and pickles online, but only does it locally now. Her jams and preserves are wonderful, and made with local, organic products. She taught me how to make jams…and it being mango season here, recently made at least 30 lbs of mango jam and mango chutney.

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Personally, I vastly prefer purple passion fruit to yellow passion fruit known as lilikoi.

Formaggio tends to have a good selection of jams in general and normally there were always 2-3 passionfruit ones included. Formaggio tends to not be really cheap but if you look through their selections there are always some good, reasonable priced ones

Will definitely check. Somehow I have a gift card from before they moved. Time to use it! Thanks.

Oh, sorry to hear this!
I love passion fruit and it is expensive fresh when you can find it. I discovered it when I lived in Madrid in the 1980s. I do see the fruit at Stop & Shop in Somerville on the McGrath now and then. They also carry frozen passion fruit pulp, as does the Amigos Market on Broadway in East Somerville. The prices as I remember them were reasonable. I don’t know if either market carries passion fruit jam.

So making the jam with frozen pulp when you have time might be the most economical solution.

On Madrid’s note, I do see frozen passionfruit pulp in the Asian markets (most recently at both 99 Ranch in Quincy and the C-Mart in Quincy. Do you have any Latin markets near you? Passionfruit/Maracuya is such a popular flavor (juice and the fruit whole), I wonder if passionfruit jam might be a thing. Last resort might be a decent Ocean State Job Lot. I only suggest that because the one near me has a pretty decent selection of various jams and jellies, US brands as well as non-US brands. I’ve definitely seen the more unusual jams like blackcurrant, apricot, etc. Never checked, but odd chance they may have a passionfruit one of these days?


Dude! @Parsnipity you went to the Azores and I didn’t know about it?! We were >this< close to going back this year but the pieces didn’t fall into place.

Which island did you visit? Unfortunately, we only visited Sao Miguel. We didn’t sample the passionfruit. I don’t get into fruit but B and Spring Onion sure do, especially B. Thanks for this tip…next time, HO road trip to the Azores!

@digga yes, it was my third trip to the Azores and the family’s second. We almost didn’t make it- if we ever get together to eat and chat in person, ask me about our Uber ride from Somerville to Newark. Regardless, a great trip and lots of passionfruit. We stay here , primarily for the amazing horses but the food is pretty great too.

In the titular quest, so far I’ve struck out at Formaggio, Market Basket and Star Market. The only reason I tried Star Market was that at the Somerville Market Basket, a helpful employee got on the phone with Goya’s distributor who told them they had it at Star Market. Turned out to be a dead end. I also called all the Brazilian markets nearby and none of them claimed to carry passionfruit jam, although I did not personally search their shelves. One has limits.

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That makes my head ache just thinking about it.

I wonder if Portugalia Marketplace would carry passionfruit products? I still haven’t made it there but if I do, I’ll poke around the preserves section on your behalf.

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but the combinations sound excellent, and they’re made locally.

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These look amazing! Any idea where to find them other than mail order? The events page listing farmer’s markets was last updated in 2017. Anyone seen them for purchase?