Anyone know anything about Persis Indian grill on applegarth? [NJ]

As per the question. Was driving and saw a sign.

I’d suggest adding a board specification for the city/area where that place is. People access these boards in different ways and just a general board is generall much less effective.


I stopped in last week or so. I was the only customer at around 1:30. Parking lot was empty and I thought they might be closed. Host actually came outside to tell me they were opened after I checked the doors and peaked in, and then returned to my vehicle to get my BYOB beer cooler . There is a bar area in the building (which I had recalled from a previous visit when it was an Italian place) but they don’t currently have a license .

Prices were rather high and the menu was very unhelpful if one is unfamiliar with Indian food - no descriptions or list of ingredients, etc. (See link below)

No “assorted appetizer” choice, so getting both Samosa and Pakora would have totally $17 (!). Plain Naan was $4. I had to have them bring back the side Samosa sauces when my bread was served (the waiter had removed them with the empty appy plate).

I went specifically for the main dish Aloo Gobi, which is listed on their internet menu at (under “VEG ENTREES”) but it was unavailable, and not listed on either their in-house menu or the Take Out menu. Very disappointing - what’s the point of having an online menu that is incorrect?

I ordered Aloo Palak instead, but it was served as a very heavy sauce - spinach had been cooked to total destruction - and could barely make out the the few chunks of potato, covered in the sauce.