Anyone just have a moment of autumn zen??

I just dunked some airline biscotti into a glass of red wine and invited a 55 lb. Australian Shepherd onto my lap for a big love fest. What does that make me besides happy??


Desperate for biscotti that isnt airline quality?


How old is that biscotti? Or have you been adventurous and been recently on a plane?

How can you tell if the biscotti is old and stale when it starts out in a state in which most things end when they are old and stale (especially the airline variety)? Something to contemplate while working on the motorcycle.

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I’m more of a summer guy but early autumn is delightful.

This is September at the cabin.

From the (Mn) bedroom window in October.

The desert in November.

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Lovely! I’m not a hot weather person so I do prefer autumn, but I do like the lush green foliage of summer too. The doggie looks pretty happy too!

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I guess they gradually crumble by themselves, like 100-year-old concrete. :slight_smile:

No autumn zen here, only spring zen, although @Respectfully_Declined‘s pictures are beautiful!

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