Anyone have info on Croatia?

It’s not for me…really it’s for someone I know, a friend :wink: who is going to Dubrovnik, Split and the like this summer.

It seems there are a fair amount of people who are familiar with the area on the left hand side of the Adriatic. Anyone here who can recommend places to try on the right hand side? The trip is on a charter boat up the coast so any place between Dubrovnik and Split that you would recommend? Suggestions for restaurants, bars and wineries are all welcome. Thanks

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When are they going? We’ll be in that area in early July. I’ll pass along any great spots we find.

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I, unfortunately. don’t have any hidden gems or must eats to report alone the coast between Split and Dubrovnik. We enjoyed our meals in Croatia, but did not find the offerings to be very diverse. To be fair, we were there to spend time with family and spent the majority of our time around the pool or at the beach. Also, we were coming from Spain and Italy, so obviously tough acts to follow.

We had a few dinners out where we ordered a fish and meat platter to share among our party. All of the seafood was extremely fresh. A fish platter typically consisted of several large whole roasted fish, squids, shrimp or langoustine, mussels and other assorted mediterranean shellfish. Prices were uniformly very reasonable. Most restaurants offered pizza (looked decent but didn’t actually try any).

Croatia is a beautiful, but not necessarily a top dining destination in Europe.