Anyone else having trouble getting this site to load on an iPhone?


The problem started today. comes up as a blank page. prompts me to log in, but when I try, I get a blank page.


Not so far. Running os11.3.1
On safari?


11.3.1 & Safari, yes. Same deal with FoodTalkCentral, so I think it’s the platform. Or me. Could be me.


Have you tried another browser?


Not yet. Safari’s the only browser I have on the (relatively new) phone, so far. And Safari+hungryonion+laptop works fine.


I was able to pull up food talk Central too.


So! When you reply to me here, I get an email with a “visit topic” link. If I click through, I can load this topic, and along with it, the rest of the site. I can’t make heads or tails of this, but I’ll take whatever workaround I can get. Thanks for being both advertently and inadvertently helpful!

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Have you tried restarting your phone?


I restarted the phone yesterday, which didn’t help. However, as of this morning, the problem has vanished. I don’t know what changed, but at least said change is positive. Thanks for the suggestion.