Anyone been to the Emeryville Public Market lately?

We used to eat there fairly often, but stopped going after many of the food places closed. Has anyone been lately? From their web site, it looks like they will be getting a few new places, but I can’t tell how soon. Any recent reports would be appreciated. Thanks!

Oh gosh. I haven’t been there since they closed the Borders and they were turning the food court all upscale. I wonder if it’s worth revisiting at this point too.

I was in the Market yesterday for a non-food errand and there was still a lot of construction going on. Pamir Afghan and Sorabol Korean stalls were open as were 1 or 2 others but the rest of spots were being revamped. I didn’t stop to eat there and won’t until I feel more assured about any construction dust swirling around.

New Seasons Market, a Portland-based natural grocery, is scheduled for opening in 2017 and some food trucks are parking nearby.

Here are some links to articles in Inside Scoop and E’Ville Eye on recent developments:

Shiba Ramen is opening very soon:

Tried it yesterday and wrote about it here: Shiba Ramen in Emeryville Public Market

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Bessarabsky Market, Kyiv. Ukraine
Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr