Anyone been to Fresh in Highlands?

Couldn’t find anything by doing a search. We are going for first time this Thursday.

I haven’t personally but relatives who have high standards have and they gave it high marks

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I’ve been once. I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Went to Fresh, 144 Bay Avenue, Highlands on a windy, cold January Thursday evening with another couple. Our reservations were for 6:30pm. We arrived promptly at 6:30 and parked right on Bay Avenue in front of the restaurant. Most likely will not be that easy in the summer months.

You enter the front door of the restaurant and you are right into the main dining room and as such there is really no place to hang out if your table is not ready (there is an upstairs room for larger parties and if the main room becomes full as well as outside dining during the warmer months). We didn’t have any problem since the restaurant was maybe one quarter full. We were seated in a nice table in the corner at the front window. The main dining room where we sat is small, but very cozy and could be termed romantic. The décor is very nice with framed artwork and photographs on the walls, white tablecloths and soft lighting. The noise level was not an issue when we arrived, although it did get a little loud when it filled up around 7:30/8:00pm.

The wait staff was very friendly, professional and well versed in the menu. Our waiter made a few recommendations and informed us that their seafood came from the Lusty Lobster, a couple of blocks down Bay Avenue. Overall the service was outstanding. We never felt rushed, staff promptly cleared our plates and staff was always there but not overbearing.

Soon after we were seated, staff gave us our menus, opened our wine, provided an ice bucket for the white wine and our beers and bought complimentary bruschetta and rolls. The bruschetta was excellent; however, the rolls were somewhat of a disappointment. They were OK, but guess I was excepting more. There was olive oil on the table, but no butter came with the rolls. Not a big deal, just noting.

As we ate the bruschetta and toasted with our drinks to our friendship, the waiter came and described the specials. He also made recommendations that were on the regular menu (small, 8 items). I was considering the scallops and the waiter said if I was not satisfied with them, he would take them off the bill. Not sure if he was serious or not. For appetizers we ordered one Grilled Shrimp (a special) to share and our friends ordered two Baby Arugula Salads. For the mains the guys ordered one Scallop and one Chicken Marsala and the ladies two Grouper (a special).

Wasn’t long before our appetizers were bought to our table. The Baby Arugula Salads had goat cheese, beets and pecans along with the greens. Not that big but very fresh and very good. The Grilled Shrimp came with a few baby potatoes over some kind of risotto. The shrimp (4) were a good size and were cooked to perfection. The risotto, whatever it was, was very tasty.

Again, with excellent pacing our entrees arrived. Nice presentations in huge white bowls. The Chicken Marsala was served over polenta, greens and mushrooms and got high ratings. My Scallop dish looked disappointing at first. Only 4 scallops ($33) and they appeared to be a tad overdone. They were served over butternut squash risotto prosciutto, honey and a nice-looking parmesan cracker/tuile. Well, turns out the scallops were cooked to perfection and some of the best I have had. Although I still was a little disappointed with only 4 for the price. The risotto was likewise excellent and the tuile was delightful. The two special Grouper came over spinach with clams (2) and scallop (1). The clams and scallops were very good. Unfortunately, both ladies felt the Grouper was rather tasteless and needed more seasoning.

The check for the four of us, including 3 appetizers (2 regular menu and 1 special), 4 entrees (2 regular menu and 2 specials) and tip was $200.

Summing up, great looking place, excellent service, BYOB and for the most part very good food, save the somewhat disappointing Grouper. The only negative was the portion sizes related to the prices. Seemed like small plate portions for full plate prices. That said we most likely will be back.


I wanted to hear your thoughts before I posted. I thought this place pretty cool and normally I don’t like smaller spots. I felt like was eating someone’s house. I need to get back to try it again. Unless you know about this spot you won’t simply stumble across it driving.

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We just had our first meal at Fresh 2 hours ago and it was outstanding. We’ll be heading to Nonna’s/Ana’s/Nana’s very soon to see if they can maintain what seem to be very high standards.

Nice. What did you have? It feels like I’m eating in a house there

I find Fresh to inconsistent. Great meal one time & terrible the next visit.

BigG, welcome aboard! I think we are in the same area. What are some of your top places and/or dishes locally? I think you will have a fun time on here and learn a lot. I’ve been on here for a few years and it has been a great time. I’ve met a lot of wonderful people and I’ve expanded my food horizon.

Hopefully you can share some of your knowledge too. Cheers. :slight_smile: