Anyone been to CUESA's sunday supper at the Ferry Bldg?

I just read about it on SF Eater and I’m considering buying tickets but I wanted to get some feedback as it’s kind of pricey.

Here’s a link to the event:

We’ve gone 4 or 5 years and I think it’s the best of all the events at the Ferry Plaza. The food is usually great and it’s a fun atmosphere. The restaurants really go all out. One year we had an awesome bollito misto from Poggio. I recommend it.
Edited to add: It’s a really good cause too

Thanks. I know it’s probably not a fair question, but how would you say the meal (in terms of preparation, creativity, presentation, service) and overall experience compares to similarly priced tables in the city?

At $275 a head, it’s slightly more expensive than a night out at say, Benu, for example. I understand that it’s kind of apples and oranges, but I’m just trying to get a read on whether it’s more about the uniqueness of the communal dining setting in the middle of the Ferry Bldg or if it’s very much a food focused event (well duh! I trust you get what I’m trying to express) and if the chefs challenge themselves and the diners in the same way you might find at other similarly priced kitchens in the city?

And yes, it’s for a great cause indeed! I’m just wondering if the focus on the meal itself is compromised in any way by the “benefit” aspect of the event. i.e. one might be willing to contribute a considerable amount to a charity function related to food and farming industry without expectation of a food focused dinner; makes sense at all?

Edited to add: with tax and 20%, the event is considerably less than Benu afterall.

I just bought tickets for my wife and myself. Is anyone else going this year?

BTW, if anyone else is interested, I came across the following blog post with photos documenting a 2008 Sunday Supper:

All concerns about the quality of dinner at expense of size and cost of event are put to rest in the above link. I’m looking forward to a memorable evening in a beautiful setting!

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Totally apples to oranges. The food is way better than any benefit needs to be. Like I said, the restaurants really go all out. Good amount of food. Creative dishes. And way more fun than Benu. The service is fine. Nothing fancy. But, you know, it’s family style. It’s a festive atmosphere and there’s lots of socializing with strangers. The auction is a hoot. I’m not in the tax bracket to bid, but it’s fun to watch. Please report back. We’re not going this year because of work stuff.

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Thanks, I’m excited!!

I’ll definitely snap some photos and post thoughts in this thread afterward.

Since I’ll be in Italy in a few weeks, I couldn’t afford to do the VIP package that allows early entry to the reception with Ruth Reichl. Hopefully we won’t miss out on any of the aperitifs and hors d’oeuvres…

If anyone else decides to attend, post below!

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