Anybody up for Lunch Today, 16 September, at Tokyo, Freehold?

I’m thinking about heading over to Tokyo in Freehold for the sushi buffet for lunch today, and have the internet coupon.

With the coupon it runs ten dollars and change, CASH only.

I usually round up to $ 12 with tip.

Anyone care to join me?

Ok, guess not.


Dammit…I just saw this now I would have went, my office is only about 15 mins away. Sorry. (give more heads up next time…or inbox me)

This is also one of the better Chinese-ish buffets in the area, I like this place.

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No oysters?

Clams, upper right quadrant. Cherrystone but fresh and delishus.

Funny I can’t stand raw clams, but I love raw oysters. Throw a few clams on the grill I’ll eat them all day, but just raw…eeewwwwwwww

Are you sure you’re from Jersey? What ? Don’t like no clams? What?

That sounds like fighting words to me, @NotJrvedivici . I see that a raw clam eating challenge on the horizon to prove your Jersey credentials.

I strongly suggest if you are ever in Leonardo or Belford that you leave out the eeeeuw part when referring to clams.

Unless of course you like getting knee-capped. :sunglasses:

Wow! I just got home. Lunch during the week is impossible for me except on holidays or summers.

I live so close to them too. Oh well, hope u enjoyed.