Any turkey deals around post-Thanksgiving? [Boston area]

Anyone seen turkey, either whole or parts, on sale anywhere?

today at whole foods river street, cambridge, turkey parts for 49 cents per pound. necks, etc. not sure if all “parts” were the same price, but I think legs and thighs were. Maybe at other WF s well…they did call it “black Friday” sale. Stock coming up in my future.

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saw the same deal at the medford whole foods on friday for necks + backs. market basket attleboro was also selling whole turkeys for 69 cents a pound on saturday.

We ran short of left overs, so I picked up a “pre-cooked” turkey at Wilson Farms. Much to my disappointment and disgust it was largely raw in the interior.

I should really try stocking up after T-day and freezing for the following year. All of the stores near me wanted $3.49+ for turkey wings/thighs before Thanksgiving, which is highway robbery. At those prices I would have been better off buying a second whole bird at $.99 a pound for stock.

Since turkey is on lots of Xmas tables and New Year’s buffets , too, and the frozen and deeply-iced “fresh” turkeys’ expiration dates are distant, many stores don’t discount much, if at all, until after the holidays.

So you think there’s a second round of turkey deals after New Year’s? Interesting…

Bought some boneless breasts at Medford WF yesterday for $3.99/lb. At that price, it’s higher quality and cooked at home to slice and use for sandwiches vs buying 9.99/lb deli turkey.

Hannaford had them for that price too, on Friday. But considering the roughly 50% weight loss once meat is cooked, it’s not THAT great a deal vis-a-vis deli meats. However, you get to avoid the additives and extra salt, which is a plus.

I bought a quarter fresh turkey on Sunday from Stop and Shop. It was about 35 cents a pound. The original price was about $10, I got it for $1.85!

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Wow, that % seems very high. Lifting my 18 lb turkey out of the oven didn’t feel like 9lbs.

Shrinkage isn’t actually a full half, but in your case the weight of the pan and bones is constant, and the former still holds however much of the juices haven’t evaporated. Picture the size difference between a raw boneless chuck roast and the finished chunk of pot roast.