Any thoughts on Metropolitan Cafe in Freehold?

This is about the only restaurant in downtown I haven’t tried (of the ones I’d be willing to try.) I’ve paid multiple visits each to American Hotel, Federicis, Court Jester, Cafe 360 and Sweet Lews. Met Cafe is pricey which I don’t mind for a good dining experience, but the reviews seem hit or miss. Worth checking out or to be avoided?

The food has never been bad, overall I never had a bad meal there. It’s the “trendy” spot in Freehold and as such the crowd can be a bit of a pain in the ass. After the shooting that took place there (outside) I kinda gave up on ever going back.

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They used to have what sounded like a good happy hour deal way back when. It only took one visit to sour me on it. It was a long time ago though and I have been back for a party once that was fine.

When I worked in Freehold I always took my staff members to the Metropolitan for their birthday lunch. We always ate in the “back room” which was quiet and quite nice with the skylight. Not sure if that room is still there. The lunches were nothing really special but always good. A tad more expensive than the other Main Street places, but not crazy expensive.

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