Any such thing as a great buffet in London?

Back in Toronto (and also LA, where I visit often) there are a lot of fabulous buffet restaurants, I’ve had American/Canadian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian - all really worth paying up for. The few buffet places I’ve gone to in London were pathetic in comparison. Does this mean I should give up? Have you been to good buffet restaurants? All cuisines welcome!

The only one that really springs to mind is the Bombay Brasserie next to Gloucester Road tube. They have Saturday & Sunday lunchtime buffets. It used to be really good, but I haven’t been for years, so I can’t vouch for it these days.

Loads of cheap and very ordinary places in Chinatown of course.

TBH I’m not sure that fabulous food worth paying up for and food which has been sitting warm for any length of time can be one and the same.

I found this list. Maybe something will appeal to you. The only one I’ve been to is Princi, and that was for lunch. It does have a very nice, Italian buffet I enjoy, plus their desserts are very good if you like Italian desserts.

Thanks! I tend to agree with you but then I’m from somewhere that buffet food is often fresh, replenished very often, and is quite excellent. No reason it can’t happen here too. I love lots of tastes on my plate and a buffet gives me that opportunity - to taste many things and have just a little, not a whole plate full. It is definitely possible!

Is there a list? Why can’t I see it? Anyway, thanks!

Sorry, Jan. Here’s one list. I’m getting old and doddering! There are other lists if you Google.

This one in Brentford is pretty decent. Good variety of south and east asian dishes. It satisfied the inate greed I have when considering a buffet.

And I can recommend a really good Indian one for next time you visit the Rainy City.

As ever, TripAdvisor is NOT to the rescue over food.

Heaven knows how their system creates the sort of list that Zuriga linked to. I didnt look at all Top 10 places listed - but there are at least three that don’t seem to even offer a buffet, let alone perhaps be a good one (e.g. Andover Arms, Polo & Kings Arms).