Any Solid Chinese restaurants-Outdoor seating (Central NJ)

Need recommendations for Chinese restaurants in central Nj with outdoor seating. TIA!
Not PF Chang’s or anything similar to it

I know Peking Pavilion in Freehold did have a large outdoor tent during the pandemic, not sure if they still do or not. Give them a call, certainly a solid place.

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As of two weeks ago, Peking Pavilion had no tent but several tables with umbrellas outside on their “porch”.


Dun Huang in Edision (HMart Plaza) has outdoor seating under a tent. I was there just this past weekend.

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How was food ? Is seating comfortable? Do you need reservations?


I ate inside so I don’t know how comfortable it is with their outdoor seating.
I went Friday night around 7pm and looks like there is plenty seating outdoors. Indoor was about 80% full; they took our temperature before seating us.

Their specialties are a variety of lamb dishes and the hand made noodle.

I thought the food was okay. I enjoyed it but I don’t think it’s anything special.


ycf thanks for recommending Dun Huang! The family enjoyed! The food was definitely good and there was plenty of outside seating. Wish I took pictures!


Central NJ could use more dine in American style Chinese restaurants in general :neutral_face: If you like spicy, I highly recommend Schouse Szechuan in Princeton. They have outdoor dining that is great for people watching. The food is delicious - we go there at least once a month.

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That place looks great! I’m never in Princeton (when I’m there and want Chinese I end up at Tiger noodle, mostly for nostalgia) but the pics on Yelp look great.

Don’t we have plenty of dine in American Chinese places? I guess it depends on what part of central NJ :slight_smile:

I’m in Hunterdon County, which isn’t exactly a hub of international cuisine. :laughing: Princeton has been quiet this year since the undergrads aren’t around, so we’ve been eating there a lot more since parking is easier and restaurants less crowded.

My husband used to work in Chongqing and he thinks Schouse is the most legit in the area… we like it better than Chengdu 1 Palace.


Was planning on going to the tofu place last weekend but ended up at Dun Huang because my son wanted noodle soup and he overruled my decision. (He graduated middle school so I will let him get his wish this one time :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

It was a good meal. We had their noodles, pita burgers - pork and beef version, roasted lamb, lamb skewer, and a braised chicken dish. I got pictures for the last three items only.

Really liked the roasted lamb, it was tender but not too soft and their spice mix gave it a really good flavor.


Lol about your hunterdon comment! I grew up in Kingwood and definitely know what you mean!

Yes, HC has a lot to offer, but a culinary Mecca it is not. We do like Artie’s in the Frenchtown/Kingwood area though… they have pot stickers, does that count? :joy:

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Have you been to the lovin’ oven in Frenchtown? I worked with the owner a million years ago. Deliciousness!

Once, but it was years ago. It was a bad night, unfortunately: long wait, out of lots of things, saw member of the waitstaff not washing her hands after using the restroom… in fairness, I was with bad company so my memory was probably tarnished mostly by that. Will have to give them another try.

We went to Schouse again yesterday! The pictures are tineted red because they have red umbrellas above the outdoor tables. We had “spicy boiling noodles” (which we like better than the dan dan noodles), the spicy Chongqing chicken (another favorite), and the pork with hot peppers.

If people are interested and when all would feel comfortable, would love to do a HOdown here sometime… our stomachs are not big enough to try all the dishes!


Looks delicious!!!

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