Any Recs for Quality Mom & Pop Liquor / Spirits Store in Greater L.A. / O.C. Area?

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Wanting to support small mom & pop businesses during the pandemic. Does anyone know of any good mom & pop Liquor / Spirits Stores that carries a decent selection of smaller / artisanal Whiskies in the Greater Los Angeles / Orange County Area?

Anywhere from Ventura County down to Southern Orange County is fine.


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Haven’t been since they moved, but we always enjoyed a trip to Bar Keeper. Vintage glass and curated spirits, including bourbons and whiskey.

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Along with Barkeeper, there is The Mixing Glass in OC Mix Mart in Costa Mesa.


Thanks for the great recs @aussieshepsx2 @A5KOBE! :slight_smile: Very neat looking stores.

538 Wine & Spirits inside the California Club (open to non-members)


The Wine Country in Signal Hill.
Hi Time Cellars in Newport.

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Hi @Chowseeker1999 I’m on a few boards with bourbon and whiskey fans and these are the most recommended places in SoCal. Follow them on IG as they frequently post new bottles.
Cypress Craft Beer & Liquor (Cypress)
El Cerrito Liquor (Corona)

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