Any recommendations for Waterloo or Kitchener?

I just recently moved to Waterloo from Toronto and I am looking for recommendations for places to eat. I am particularly interested in finding good and ideally inexpensive pizza, Chinese, and Turkish food. Also looking for a place to get a decent bagel (i.e. not a doughnut-shaped bun but an actual bagel that has been parboiled and has a crust on it that is not squishy).

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I like Bhima’s Warung for upscale Indonesian.

I love Vincenzo’s in Waterloo for shopping. Great meat, breads and imported groceries. Nice breads. I splurged on a couple hundred dollars of pantry goods the week after Xmas. This is probably the best place for fresh fish and smoked salmon in KW.

I haven’t had any cheap Asian food in KW.

I used to eat in KW a lot, but haven’t dined in since 2018ish.

For schnitzel, probably Metro is a good bet.

Olde Heidelberg Inn outside of town for pork hock.

I noticed there is a Scottish pub in New Hamburg which I hope to try soon.

At the downtown Kitchener Saturday Farmer’s Market, there’s a vendor with Egyptian pies that I found interesting and worthwhile.

The vendor at the St Jacob’s Market that sells frozen English pies makes horrible pies. Yuck.

Some people like the Apple fritters in St Jacob’s but they’re not the kind I like. There is a nice little coffee shop with alfajores in the town of St Jacob’s.

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Already been several times to Metro for schnitzel. I haven’t tried the other places (except Vincenzo’s – my wife works next door), but I do know fo all of them. Thanks!

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You’re welcome.

FarmBoy should have Kettleman’s sesame bagels, and Metro (the store) should have frozen St Viateur bagels available. Pretty good challah from Ottawa at Farm Boy.

No idea if these Woodfire bagels are good.

I was looking for Omurice in London, and found this spot in Waterloo.

Might be worth checking out for Japanese comfort food.
Hey Chef’z / Hey Chefz
2-203 Lester St (inside a food court, I think)

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