Any of you familiar with Milwaukee/Menomonee Falls?

I’ve just posted on the Midwest board, but they don’t seem to have as much activity as we do, so I figured I’d also ask my NJ HOs if you have any recommendations…

I’ve just learned that my monthly company meetings have been moved to Menomonee Falls, about 20 miles north of Milwaukee. I’ve already started some research, but if there are truly LOCAL places between MKE and MF you’re aware of, I’d love to hear about them! I’ll have a car and am willing to drive up to 30 mins for the ‘must experience’ dinners, frozen custard, etc. after my work day ends.

I get to Milwaukee occasionally on business, but am no means an expert. I generally save my German food intake for those trips (since lots of unhealthiness is required to really enjoy it). I like the Milwaukee Brat House, which is really a bar that serves brats. But there is a good variety and they offer sampler platters too. I generally go with the sampler or cheddar japaleno. Other items to note for the full Milwaukee experience would be the cheese curds, beer cheese soup, and the MONSTER pretzel. I like spice, and once i remember they had a ghost pepper brat special.

Close to this place is Mader’s, which was ok for more a more traditional german experience. It was ok, wouldnt go out of my way for it.

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Thanks! I do know about the German food but I guess with the AP Biergarten here (and my general draw to lighter food) I’m paying attention to other stuff, but I’m adding the MBH to my list, because a good brat is still a beautiful thing! :slight_smile:

I haven’t been to Milwaukee in years . . . . but Usinger’s is a family favorite (not a restaurant) and we still order it for any and all family gatherings.

And then you’ll have to try frozen custard. My family is a Kopp’s loyalist (I grew up not far from their Glendale location). But there are other places . . . .

Thank you!! I certainly know Ursinger’s but didn’t remember they were in Milwaukee…and Kopp’s is already on my list, thanks to someone on the Food Network. :slight_smile:

CBS Sunday Morning did a segment on Milwaukee’s frozen custard fascination too . . .
Just made a thread for you.
They are a party hearty group of badgers up there.

That’s what I saw! Not FW. :slight_smile: Thanks!

And thanks again!

Well, thanks for the compliment

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