Any new Intel on Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry?

Haven’t heard anything lately and friends want to go. I’d appreciate any info.

Haven’t been there in a while. I found nothing special about it or it’s sister restaurant Harvest House, also on the river, except in the summer. Not bad but nothing special either. Half Moon has an outdoor patio and bar in the summer. Perfect spot just feet from the river for cocktails and a limited bar menu. I remember great duck tacos. I think they had a raw bar. Price was on the high side but delightful especially after a few drinks with close friends.

Yes, Foodygrandma nailed it: wait for summer and waterside cocktails … and manage your expectations. Once the site of the late and not lamented Chart House, Half Moon’s major improvement was decor and a more gracious outdoor experience. Alas, the food is overpriced and underwhelming.

The cuisine , and view, much more spectacular down the road at X2O.

Ahhh X20! Can’t compare it to Half Moon. X20 is not in the same class. It is a far more elegant experience. The Sunday brunch was wonderful (haven’t been there in a while either). Well worth the cost. Was a 3 course meal with a good selection of dishes in each course. And the waiters would come to the table with hors d’oeuvres including baby lamb chops.

I will always have a soft spot for Half Moon as my wedding reception was there back in 2011, and I really think they did a good job. Everyone was raving about the food and the price was very fair. However, I can’t really recommend it for dinner. It’s really overpriced for what it is. Lunch isn’t as bad. What I do love is going for drinks and appetizers. They have really great mojitos and other cocktails and a pretty extensive beer selection and some of their appetizers are delicious (lobster mac and cheese comes to mind). In the winter I like sitting by the fire and in nicer weather you can’t beat the view from the outdoor patio. Desserts are pretty universally unimpressive.

FYI, Sunday brunch is up to $45 at X2O. Food is still good. We were there for dinner recently on a Groupon and it was excellent. It’s one of the few “full meal” Groupons that I will do because my wife and I normally order the most expensive appetizers and entrees at X2O, so it’s worth it, even in comparison to buying gift certificates for 20% off at Costco. Plus you get to order anything off the menu (the Cowboy Rib Eye was an extra $10 per person, I believe).

And of course, the view is great.

That’s right, I’d forgotten. Unfortunately, X2O is not on the bill for this particular evening. And, our friends are kind of stuck on Half Moon - their son liked it. OY.

Thanks for all the input everyone. I think we’re stuck though. On an up note for me - there is a prime rib on the menu. I’m a sucker for that!

On another note - great to have some many of the old crew chiming in!!!

Regarding Half Moon
Hated it…Was served rancid seafood. IMO the only item worth ordering, the fried belly clams disappeared from the menu shortly after they opened. There are too many other places that serve much better food that deserve your patronage…this place does not! The view is beautiful however… BTW did you ever get to the Cookery?

We have not gotten to Cookery yet. It really is on my bucket list. Sadly, these friends really want to go to half moon. Hope it’s not too bad!!!

I just read through all of the posts…Beware the prime rib, we sent it back because it was ordered MR but what we received was grey and rubbery. It really had the texture and appearance of microwaved meat.

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