Any new entries in the Michigan burger battles?

I’ve recently tried two (really three) new beef burgers in my enduring quest to sample the best burgers in SE Michigan. On a long overdue visit to Vinsetta Garage in Pleasant Ridge, I sampled its 3 A.M Burger, which was prodigious in size–first hamburger I’ve ever had to halve. Good. Not distinctive. Several days later I stopped at Milestone Grill in Eastpointe and, seeing that they offered a Patty Melt on Marbled Rye Bread, chose that ordered medium rare. Very nice, delivered exactly as ordered. The very next night, returned to Milestone with my BH. For this visit I ordered the Bacon Cheddar Burger; again medium rare. Unfortunately it was plated and delivered a solid medium well. Consumable. But nothing more.

That being said, any Hungry Onion correspondents in SE Michigan know of any (relatively) new burger joints that demand a try?

Nothing that I’ve tried, no. There does seem to be a lot of new and/or up-and-comers throwing their hat(s) in the ring, and quite frankly, there are far too many for me to keep up with. I like burgers…but seeing that they’ve become such a “thing”, and often have ridiculous prices to match, I’m not all that motivated to go out of my way for them, either.

I really can’t see myself spending $15 out the door on a burger and fries when that same amount will get me linguine bolognese, house salad, and bread from Giovanni’s Ristorante at lunch, out the door. There really isn’t a comparison point between them except for the price…I know. However, value is quite important to me, too, and if my lunch bill is going to be that high, I want it to be worth it.

Burgers are going to have to get a bit more humble again before I get all “investy” in them.

Oh, and regarding Vinsetta Garage? Instead of the burger, get the half chicken. It was about $2 more than their burgers, came with two side items, and was absolutely marvelous when I had it. Far more of a meal, and I enjoyed it tremendously.

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Nice to see you drop in here boagman! Terrific comments too.

I got on this burger quest when I was still working, and had my pick of neighborhood bars serving up a tasty burger, fries and a domestic beer for $4.99. Easy to justify a weekly lunch stop. And, to me, far better than fast food. The key being freshly ground beef. If the place used a blend of several cuts, all the better. Sentimental Lady Saloon in Harrison Township does this. Abby Road in Fraser, too.

But as you say, plate prices for “custom” burgers are sometimes ridiculous. And when the server tells me I can only get it Medium, or Well done, I’m glancing at the menu for another choice.

The next time we visit Vinsetta Garage (and there will be a “next time”) I’ll follow your lead with the chicken.