Any "must-dine-at" places in or near [Fort Lauderdale, Florida]?

So I’m down here realistically through Tuesday, but my plane home on Wednesday is the redeye, so if I wanted to go exploring for lunch on that Wednesday, I could do that.

Anyway, if there’s someplace I need to go because I just won’t be able to get something this good/authentic anywhere else, let me know. I’m open to many different kinds of cuisines, but let’s avoid Middle Eastern, pizza, and Thai…I have the very best of those back home.

Kill me with kindness, people! Let’s hear your must-dine-at places!

Yikes, just searched . . . seems like HO has no reach in Ft Lauderdale . . . I’m on my own I guess. :wink:

Really wish you’d stop back here, @boagman. You’ve got a lot of insights to share…

//the bast place I’ve eaten near Lauderdale is Calypso – sensational seafood

also good is Little Havana in Deerfield