Any more suggestions for my May trip? [Paris]

I am in the happy final stages of preparing for my eight night trip to Paris in May. And am asking for a few more suggestions.

I have one rule I follow on trips - one big meal a day. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the other meals that day will be smaller and more casual. Otherwise, I get palate fatigue.

Here are the restaurants on my list so far:

Le Jules Verne (lunch on our first full day to celebrate our 40th anniversary in a special setting, already booked). Chef Frédéric Anton (Le Pre Catelan) took over one Michelin star LJV last year. Let’s see if he is serious about the food and experience.

Chez Monsieur
Chez Georges (replacing Le Train Bleu)
Le Reminet (romantic and delicious, under the radar)
Le Récamier (for souffles)
Breizh Cafe (for buckwheat crepes and cidre)
L’Avant Comptoir du Marché
Our final night dinner is set for Auberge Bressane.

We are also planning two picnics in areas where we are visiting museums. Thank you Parn for these tips:

Sandwich from Caractere de Cochon (42 Rue Charlot), other food from Marché des Enfants Rouges and dessert from Bontemps pâtisserie, picnic at Square du Temple.

A very superior sandwich or “plat cuisiné” at Maison Pou (traiteur/ deli) on avenue Ternes @ rue Poncelet.

Without telling him our dining preferences, I asked the concierge at our hotel for dinner recommendations in the area and he recommended Huguette and Le Colvert. Huguette is out because we don’t eat seafiood. Anyone have anything to say about Le Colvert? Any other rec’s for dinner in the 6th after a long day of walking?

I’m thinking of throwing a wildcard in the mix. Has anyone been to Shang Palace at the Shrangi-La? If not there, any other Chinese food recommendation?


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Have you considered Chez L’Ami Jean? It’s a favorite.
We enjoyed Le Reminet. No so much Breizh Cafe, but tastes differ.

Have you mapped out your picks? I’m a great believer in doing that – figuring out place Is want to visit, and then matching the restaurants a best we can with the sights. We then adjust. Some places fall by the wayside and others emerge.

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Your picks are varied and seemingly well considered by you. Go with them. They reflect you and it will be YOUR VISIT, not what other unknowns suggest.

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy every moment.


We’ve been to Jules Verne under two different chefs. The setting is so spectacular you can’t help but have a fabulous time.

Another unusual setting was just recommended by friends from Besancon. They raved about the food and the experience aboard Don Juan II,
And it turns out it’s the same chef who now helms Jules Verne.

Le Colvert. It’s new-ish and I usually suspect any restaurant on rue St-André-des-Arts, but I was invited for a business dinner there a few months ago and had a VERY good meal. From my one snapshot, I think it’s well priced, very good cuisine (I had a pork cheeks dish that I loved but menu probably changes often), excellent desserts… but will need a repeat visit for the final verdict. The vibe, clientele, and ambiance were very similar to Le Reminet and so I wouldn’t do them back to back. On the whole, I liked the food better than Le Reminet’s but, for you, it will depend on what’s exactly on the menu on the day you go. For a before of after, you can explore via the Cour du Commerce St-André or rue Jardinet the lovely 18th century passageways (Cour de Rohan, etc) to search for key addresses during the French revolution and exchanging the 21st century for the 18th century for a few moments… but you need to be a bit brazen because a gardien or a resident sometimes chases tourists away (it’s very expensive real estate these days). Or retire to the Café des Editeurs (an echo from the old days when St Germain des Pres was one of the most famous publishing/ intellectual centres of Paris) on Carrefour de l’Odéon for post-prandial drinks… but mostly a restaurant these days and so tell the waiter you only want drinks before sitting down. Or drinks at La Rhumerie, once a hangout for Brigitte Bardot and Roger Vadim, lots of echoes from that era, and still popular with Germanopratins (residents of St G des P). Or join the trendies at modern and stylish Arbane on rue Guénégaud for a cocktail. If it ever reopens, Prescription Cocktail Club on rue Mazarine would be an even better choice.

Since you are staying in St G des P, the Odéon branch of the Breizh Café mini-chain is a convenient and good choice. If your mood makes you want somewhere less polished and more folklorique/ mom-&-pop-ish, Crêperie Little Breizh on rue Grégoire-de-Tours in the same area is also quite good but is only open at standard Parisian meal times and closed Sun + Mon while Breizh Café Odéon has continuous hours 7/7. There are lots of good crêperies in Paris and usually no need to make a destination out of them. BTW, “Breizh” is Breton for Bretagne/ Brittany.

Haven’t been to Shang Palace in years (on expense account) and remember very little other than the majority of the clientele was Asian and that it was a very rarified experience. At these prices and a shortage of mega-bucks Asian visitors at the moment, you could be eating in a somewhat empty and subdued restaurant. For me, not fun in a sparkling city like Paris. What about yam’Tcha near the Louvre for a usually interesting adventure in French-inspired Asian ?


Let me add that the tea-food pairings at 1-star yam’Tcha were a revelation to tea-ignorant moi who previously had not strayed beyond Mariage Frères Earl Grey French Blue.

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Thanks JT, but I think I’m going to pass on L’Ami Jean. As for Breizh, it’s going to be on one of my special lunch days, so all we want for dinner that night is one simple buckwheat crepe dish and one dessert crepe, to share.

And yes, I have mapped my picks, which is why some good restaurants I have not listed because logistically they don’t work.


Great rec Parn! I looked at some photos, and there’s a lot to like about yam’Tcha! I have asked our concierge to call and ask if they can do a meal for us without fish sauce or seafood (allergy).

I’d encourage a walk through the food hall at an upscale department store when you’re close to one. I’ve picked up some wonderful pastries, spices and food souvenirs from those types of food halls.

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Are you referring to something like La Grand Epicierie Phoenikia? I shopped at the one on Rue de Sèvres on my first trip where I bought pounds of Bordier butter to bring back home.

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When I have been anywhere in France and I see a Monoprix, I insist on stopping in. There’s always room in my luggage for a couple of containers of sea salt or other culinary souvenirs that are pricey at home but inexpensive at somewhere like Monoprix.


Thanks for the tip Max! The Don Juan dinner cruise has a first rate menu, and price to match.

Wow, loving these tips Parn, thanks!

Yes, but also the food halls at Printemps and Galeries Lafayette.
I’m still using seasoning salt I bought at a department store in Tokyo in Jan 2020.

This might be an unpopular tip. I’ve had some delicious meals at restaurants inside department stores in Europe, the UK and in Japan. I haven’t done it in France, but I’ve enjoyed lunches in German and Swiss department store restaurants, sitting next to regular shoppers grabbing a bite to eat.

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Caractere is terrific, never seen such a wide variety of jambon in one place, I was overwhelmed :laughing:. The popular Morrocan place at the Marche is excellent too. If you need more desserts, Jacque Genin chocolates is nearby. Also discovered the glory of super plump Moroccan Medjool dates at the vegetables grocers. Sold individually around €1 each, best dates I’ve ever had.

I had the Shang Palace on my list during the last trip but alas didn’t make it. I was tickled by the idea of the popular HK Bei Feng Tong style prep utilizing local Homard Bleu :star_struck:. Definitely on the list next time I’m in Paris. Fond childhood memories of luxurious dining experiences at various Shang Palaces.

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If you book Le Reminet through The Fork website, there is a savings of either 40% or 50% on the ALC menu. I think this was a tip from John Talbott a few years ago.

I have a fond memory of the Blanquette de Veau from Chez Monsieur, but that was also a few years ago.

Thanks, I will definitely check that out.

Great idea, didn’t know they sold food. I’m planning on stopping by Galeries Lafayette and Printemps on the day on the day of arrival. I’m especially interested in the view of Paris from each one. I believe GL has the better view, or no?

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Here is the IG account for Printemps du Goût

I can’t remember, it’s been a long time since I visited. It’s worth visiting them both.

Just counting the days now until our trip next week.

I have a wine question.

Is it acceptable to ask for a sample taste in a restaurant before committing to a glass or a bottle?