Any intersting dining options on north or west shore of Lake Tahoe?

Ive been there recently and enjoyed a burger at Bridgetender and had some mediocre bbq at a BBQ place in Tahoe City on the lake front. Great bakery Tahoe House. Wondering if there is any moderately priced place for dinner that are interesting and not just pasta/pizza/burger options. Seems lot of options are 35-50$ mains. I’m aiming for 35 and under. Thanks.

(Sound of ) crickets That’s kind of sad. I haven’t been for many years, and it was never great for food, but I remember there was one place that didn’t disappoint. I am pretty sure it was North Lake Tahoe, not near a bunch of other business, but I don’t remember the name. Probably too late, but I will ask husband and report back for future reference if the place is still around.

I spend most my time in South Lake Tahoe. I can’t find the restaurants we used to go to in North Lake Tahoe. Sorry.

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