Any intel on Dock 125 or Antique Table? [Lynn MA]

Does anyone have experience with Dock 125 or Antique Table ? I’d never heard of either before searching around and they could be just the kind of places to take mom and dad for lunch after we check out an open house in Swampscott. I’m trying to avoid Mission on the Bay, which we’ve tried before and found it to be all and only about the views.

Any other place in that corridor that might be interesting? B and I had a fun meal at Tides a few summers ago but not sure if it would suit mom and dad.

I haven’t been to either but have heard a lot of good things about Antique Table. Tried to go to AT in Salem and the website had the hours wrong.

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Resorted to yelp reviews and those definitely scared me away from Dock 125. I thought it would be a Dudley Chat kind of place but I’m my gut says “avoid.” Well, I might just toss a coin tomorrow. :v:

ETA: Totally want to try Nightshade Noodle Bar but their brunch menu might be too limited for us.