Any good lunch deals north of Boston?

Temazcal in Lynnfield have half-priced tacos on Tuesdays from opening to 6:00 PM. Not advertised anywhere.
Wings over Buffalo has half priced bone-in wings all day on Tuesdays. Their Jerk Sauce is phenomenal.

Anything else?

I got nothing, really, since I’m just learning the ropes in this area. But when researching stuff yesterday I saw that Rang Indian Bistro in Stoneham has some good 7-8$ lunch specials.

Be aware that the online menu and the actual menu isn’t the same. What you see online is the takeout menu.

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Mr Sward seems to like the food at “The Porch” in Wakefield.

I find it a waste of time and money.

Their fried chicken is fair, but their BBQ smoked pork is laughable. It has no discernible smoke flavor at all and is underseasoned at that. Their coleslaw is a lightly dressed cabbage and little else. I have had better Mac n’ cheese at Popeye’s and mashed potatoes are whipped to a paste.

The staff seems to have better things to do than you and the beer is overpriced for a takeout joint with all the room and charm of White Hut Burgers in West Springfield

And what has this to do with the OP?


I guess nothing. I am a big fan of your site .
I had just gone the other day and been so disappointed that its possible I was just venting and
made you the bad guy. This was wrong and I apologize.

I still didnt like their food.

I posted you a really really long post here and it just vanished so I will try to do it later with descriptions but for now I can at least give the names… Jimmys Steer house Saugus, Harringtons Wakefield, not a lunch but 12 buck Tuesdays, opens at 4 for 3 course meal and half price apps Sundays, Bamboo 6 buck lunch and 8 buck dinners with apps a dollar each, Yard House Happy hour half price apps with I think more variety and cheaper than their lunches. I left you some questions and recs on your website about a month back too…Sorry that’s abridged but don’t have time for the rest right now…

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Thanks for the info but the operative word is lunch.

Not sure where you are located, but I’m not a big fan of Rang Bistro. There is another Indian place on Montvale Ave, Taj, that have a buffet during the week for under $10.
My favorite “cheap eats”, is in Woburn, at Pho1 (rt 38), plenty of good food for under $10. Gene’s Flatbread, also in Woburn has his hand pulled chinese noodles for under $10, but he only does them on weekends now. He has other menu items for less than $10.
Also on Facebook, there is a big group that I belong to called “Northshore Eats”, and people lists specials from restaurants north of Boston every day.

If you are more specific with the towns you are interested in, there are people on here that will guide you to great, inexpensive meals.

Welcome to Boston!

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Thanks for your suggestions. I’ll check out that facebook group.

ah, I didn’t know about this. very helpful, thanks!

Pretty good group. I found a BBQ restaurant in Peabody that I have to try.

Yes, they are very active as well. I have never heard of Brodie’s Pub, but want to try it now that people have mentioned it so many times. :slight_smile:

This is what I call a good deal.

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They also have a list of daily deals. What a great find! Just what I was looking for even if it’s only for the North Shore but that’s pretty close to me.

Gene is still doing the hand pulled noodles during the week, the Xi’an Chilled Noodle is weekend only.

Thanks Peter, I must have confused the two items.

I never order anything except #4 from him though. I must make myself to try the Xi’an chilled noodle dish next time around. :slight_smile:

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