Any Good Chinese Restaurants in Monmouth County?

Other then Crown Palace, I don’t know of any other decent restaurants. Even a good takeout in the Holmdel area would be appreciated.

Szechuan Cottage in Marlboro is excellent, as is Shanghai Bun, which is in Matawan, iirc. If you do a search on this board for Chinese and/or Szechuan you’ll find a whole lot of information!

Thank you very much. I think I will give it a try. Will let you know!.

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Empire Szechuan on Rte 9 in Marlboro. All the others I’ve eaten at ranged from bad to disgusting.

Curlz nailed it.

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Thanks, @corvette_johnny :blush: @Dlewnj welcome! Let us know where/what you like to eat!

I will also throw in Peking Pavilion on Rt 33 in Freehold, near the Freehold mall. Very highly regarded and has been around 30+ years.

Thanks. That one rings a bell. Don’t know why.

Actually, it’s “Sichuan Cottage” (in case spelling matters in Google/Yelp/whatever).

Does anyone know what’s going on in airport plaza? There used to be a good spot there but it closed and they put in some kind of Asian market I believe. Is that still the case now?

Seems like a very long time ago that I had to drive down there for good Sichuan food, but that place closed and not too long afterwards Sichuan Cottage opened. I sometimes miss Jing Chuan, but as we posted in that old thread there are a lot of old places I miss.

I am in charge of picking up KFC for the Super Bowl party I’m going to later. It just happens to be located at Airport Plaza. I will take a peek and see what is going on. Will report back later.

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The Asian market you speak of, was also a Bubble Tea/Ramen spot. Supposedly very good but didn’t last more then about 2 years. Now the spot is occupied by Red Oak Grill, which is the downsized version of Red Oak Diner which used to be on Route 35 Hazlet until it got bought out and sold to Lidl Supermarkets. This appears ridiculous considering there will now be Lidl, Aldi, ShopRite and StopNShop all within walking distance.

agree with this to a point, but welcome the competition. SNS is crazy $$$ for the quality in my opinion. Prefer Shoprite, (the huge in in Hazlet is great as is the one in Middletown 8 minutes away). I see Aldi and Lidl as slightly different market than the other two. I’ve done Aldi a few times, mostly for one off special buys (got great deals on outdoor furniture items especially) both have been hesitant to try them for meat/produce, in my experience I don’t see the price difference as great enough to make up for/overcome the other issues at Aldi. Anxious to see what Lidl brings as far as selection and any downward pressure on pricing is more than welcome in my book.

Aldi is small now, but moving into the old Pathmark soon, so it will be much bigger.

And you forgot that Costco is also right there!

Shanghai Bun, Matawan for Noodles and Soup Dumplings
Sichuan Cottage, Marlboro for Szechuan stuff
The Oriental, Marlboro for Cantonese dishes and Dim Sum

In Middletown/Holmdel area, I heard about good thing about this place called China Palace(1815 State Rt 35 Middletown, NJ 07748) which is next to a bowling alley. They serve Taiwanese dishes. I never tried since I rarely go over to the Middletown/Holmdel area but it’s on my list.

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We like China Palace, but the fact that they close between lunch and dinner means it’s never open when we’re in Middletown ( for our 5:30 book discussion group).

Does anyone have any favorite dishes at the China palace? I’d like to give this spot a try.

Yelp has photos of the menu, if that helps:
Page 1
Page 2

We like Westlake in Matawan, Shanghai Bun also Matawan, and the oddly named Oriental Marlboro. Temple in Red Bank is good too, but costly and more “upscale Chinese.”