Any fun Paris options for Sunday dim sum lunch ?

Still with my Sunday decisions :slight_smile: We gone celebrate Bday on that Sunday, i know Imperial Treasure and Shang Palace open for (some?) dim sum options, higher scale price and not sure how good they are… Maybe other places to consider, that are fun for Sunday dim sum lunch with an interesting menu and lower prices ? Only at the 13 th area ?
And between Imperial and Shang for that Sunday Lunch matter, which is more fun when it comes to special dim sum ? :slight_smile: We are closing the day eventually with reservation at Dilia, that seems to be open on Sunday eve, so lunch DS might be diversity for sure and hopefully not too heavy :slight_smile: Thx !

Hi. I know the dim sum at Shang Palace and have no first-hand experience of those at Imperial Treasure, but I’ve heard extremely high opinions of them. Dim sum at Shang Palace were quite good the last time I had them, which was long ago, but I found them to be a little too lean (fat is important). I hear from recent visitors that they’re even better now. That’s it for dim sum that cost an arm and a leg in Paris.

For reasonably-priced dim sum, I have three addresses, two of them in the 13th, one in Belleville:

  • Tricotin, an old institution run by a Chinese-Cambodian family with impeccable standards, the quality is very consistent and the choice is good, although some picky eaters might find the dim sum a bit on the greasy-spoon side. But that’s what they’re all about, just visit a Guangzhou centuries-old dim sum place to get that right. The wu gok (stuffed taro fritters) are even better than the ones at Taotaojiu, actually I think they’re the best in Paris.

  • New Hoa Khoan, right behind Tricotin, hidden from plain view but always packed. Sino-vietnamese family-owned. Some consider the dim sum to be better than at Tricotin, I won’t enter the debate: I think each place gets some dim sum righter than the other. The cheung fun for instance is slightly nicer at NHK than at Tricotin, but Tricotin gets it quite right too. It will never be the arachnean version served in the Chaoshan region, but they’re both mighty good.

  • A much overlooked Cantonese place in Belleville, but it does churn out some pretty decent dim sum: Tai Yien, corner rue de Belleville-Bd de La Villette.

I don’t think I’d go anywhere else in Paris for dim sum.


Thanks, good information… As it’s a celebration, probably we will go to one of the fancier options, they are also close to dior gallery, where i reserved for later at three… Hope we make it to Tricotin on another day, thanks