Any experiences at Field & Vine? [Somerville, MA]

Has anyone tried Field and Vine? We’re considering meeting friends there this weekend. The menu looks good but U haven;t heard much about it.

Any other suggestions for recent great meals in Camberville or Boston where we might get a last minute reservation for the weekend?

I had Valentine’s Dinner there. It was a strange combination of babysitter availability and another couple’s schedule aligning, and needing to use a Christmas gift certificate- I would usually regard VDay as amateur night, and not be caught out. However, the prix fixe menu was attractive and we actually had a very nice dinner. I thought the food was excellent, although I’m not remembering details and since it was a special menu I don’t really see too many echoes up on the current menu. We did have a duck entree that was nicely cooked, and the same lavender pot du creme that’s currently listed. My only quibble as I recall was that service was pretty spotty- we were seated as 4 diners at the corner of a counter because due to the holiday, the whole restaurant was 2 tops. And not one person bringing dishes over to us remembered who ordered what, or displayed any real familiarity with the menu. Probably just a factor of the special night, but still… however, I loved the atmosphere and would definitely give it a shot.


We did end up at Field and Vine and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to have a menu balanced with extensive veg options in addition to the meat dishes. The space was very cozy and lively drawing ambiance from the open kitchen and fire within.

We really did enjoy everything we tried. The fried chicken special was some of the best I have had in awhile. It was crispy on the outside, and extremely juicy and tender. Some other highlights included the butternut squash muhammara, and savoy cabbage & mushrooms with a rich umami flavor. We will look forward to returning again to try more of the menu.

The one disappointment was that the drink menu offered only beer and wine. We had hoped they would also offer cocktails from Back Bar, since their kitchen provides the food going the other way. Next time, we’ll just have to go early to grab a drink at Back Bar.


@Parsnipity Thanks to the both of you for your reviews. I am helping a very busy friend plan a milestone birthday dinner for her hubby. Do you think a larger party (up to 10 but probably more like 7-8) could converse easily/spend a leisurely evening without getting rushed)?

Hmm. I am not sure, as I was not there on a typical night- they had 2 seatings and price fixe for Valentine’s Day when we were there and I think it threw the service/pacing off a bit. I see no reason it wouldn’t work- usually with a group that size they are not planning on turning the table anyways, but can’t specifically reassure you.

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The room isn’t huge so an 8-10 top would take up a fair amount of their seating. That said, we lingered for a bit after our meal and they were packed with people waiting, and our server did not rush us out of there at all.

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