Any Dedicated Croissant Makers Here? I May Have Something for You!

OK, so I’m NOT a dedicated maker of them, but I had a fit of making Kouign Aman. Being obsessed, I bought a specialized ridged rolling pin called a Tutove. I used it enough to prove it’s of great benefit over a regular pin (more rise, varied crumb, etc.).

My Tutove is sitting unused, and I could use the space.

I would be happy if a deserving Onion wanted this. PM me if interested.
Tutove 2

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I am very interested. Do you still have this rolling pin? I just watched an old French Chef episode on puff pastry and I would love to have this in my arsenal.

Yes I do. PM me to discuss. Somewhere I have A-B photos of koign aman done with and without the Tutove.

I don’t know how to PM you. I’m not very savvy. Lori

Click on my handle. There should be a dropdown menu with a blue “Message” button. Then our comms are private.

Hello! I just was googling around learning about rolling pins, which recently i am so obsessed about, and i saw your post about the tutove pin. I have been so curious about this kind of pin and wonder about your experience, and mostly, why you decided it wasn’t worth it to keep it. and of course, i wonder if the other responder actually reached out to you about it. no matter what, super glad i found this site and would love to learn more about the Kouign Aman you were making! Laurie at Boy Howdy Farm.

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I don’t make patisserie enough to justify keeping the Tutove.

Somewhere I have the photos of the two otherwise-identical batches. If I can find them, I’ll post them.

It’s very strange–I’ve explored this with several accomplished pro bakers, and none had even heard of these pins. Apparently they all use sheeter machines.

Go figure.