Any couples that are chefs and have a captain's license looking for a job as lighthoue keepers?


Rats. Its paywalled.

Sorry about that! It didn’t seem to be for me, but I was probably pretty persistent.

ETA I went back and this time it was paywalled. I think last time it said I had a few freebies left.

I finally gave up my junk email.

I actually know a couple of people who could do that, but 140k for two people with those qualifications to put in 90 hours a week is pretty Spartan compensation.


I believe this is a non-paywall short article. They want a lot of labor (both skilled and unskilled) for two people to cover at what amounts to $70K each. Maybe it’s free room and board?

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That was my impression, at least the “room” part, but I’m not sure where I saw it. Here’s a link to an article about when the last couple got it. It should be gifted.

Remember that viral lighthouse job? They got it

“In January, news broke about an unusual job opening in the Bay Area. Perks included free housing, access to an island and almost complete autonomy.”

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Can’t read that one either–but I think my adblocker may be part of the issue.

Still, even with room and board it seems like a lot of work–lighthouse keeper, boat captain, innkeeper, chef, maid service, tour guide, shop clerk. Not to mention the lack of technology available. The bay area is beautiful, but there doesn’t seem to be any down time to enjoy it.


Appreciate you trying!

I think there’s something wrong with the Chronicle’s system (rather than it being an adblock issue as @gaffk) suggested.

The URL clearly shows it is supposed to be a share campaign link, but I also got the paywall just after scrolling past the photos.


Complete autonomy? Interesting choice of words for a 90hr job.


I remember reading about this “haunted” lighthouse many years ago. The add kind of reminded me of the story…
Haunted Lighthouse

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Here’s another source, from the non-paywalled

Problem is that at only 70 hours a week (the article claims 80-90) for 50 weeks (we’ll assume 2 weeks vacation which is probably a generous assumption) thats $20 an hour for each of them.

It would be hard to find a private chef position or a captain’s position that paid that little.

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