Any blogs or websites showcasing the best recipes from TV cooking competitions?

Hello All!

I am trying to find blogs or websites showcasing the best recipes from the various TV cooking competitions shows around the world.

Unfortunately my google-fu is very weak and I am having a lot of trouble finding such information on the internet.

I would appreciate any information which is given to me.

Thank you for reading! :joy:


Welcome to the forum. Hopefully you’ll find some info here. The board is overwhelmingly American with most other members also being Anglophones. That will probably not help you find too many sites that are not in English.

I’m British, living in the UK, so my interest (such as it is) is in recipes from British programmes. These will usually have been broadcast by the BBC or Channel 4 so Googling for soemthing like “BBC food” or “Channel 4 food” should get you going. By way of a start, here’s a link to Channel 4’s recipe page from “The Great British Bake-off”

And to the main BBC Food site which will give you further links to recipes for individual programmes -

By the by, may I ask about your interest in this? Is it for general personal interest or, say, for research?

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Welcome, ceptists! I like that idea. So many cooking competitions and sometimes a recipe looks so great but you can’t find it. Top Chef actually had a cook book that was a compilation of the best recipes from the first few seasons.

Why don’t you tell us a little something about yourself here:

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For French Top Chef, you can find the recipes here. (Season 1-10).

Wow. I didn’t know there was a French TC!

10 years already, I only started watching from season 3 …

How much money can the winner get in your version of TC?

Here they used to get 100,000 euro, but starting from season 6, they only get the percentage of their final winning percentage, so from 50,001euro upward… even a strong candidate like last year, he won 67,000 euro.

The U.S. winner gets $125,000 USD in prize money, a “prize package” of $50,000, and they get appearances in Food & Wine and other culinary events and magazines around the country.

So money-wise, relatively close in winnings. Not sure what the “prize package” is that Kelsey Clark won, per an article in Entertainment Weekly.

ETA: Kelsey (latest season’s winner) also won “Fan Favorite” - so she got another $10,000 for that.

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Hello to you and a warm welcome. I’m a newbie myself & feel this forum is enhanced every time someone posts something.

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