I’ll be in Antwerp for a long weekend at the end of March/beginning of April. Anyone been and have places they love?

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Been many times. I love love Brasserie Den Artist.

And then for more upscale dining The Jane is recommended, and by the same Dutch chef Le Pristine and Blueness.

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I am on the waitlist at The Jane for both Saturday and Sunday dinner. I am not hopeful, but I have at least tried.

I also put myself on the wait list at Bistrot Nord for Friday night dinner. Need backups for all three evenings. I am excited. My first new city since 2021.

Well, will be in Antwerp next weekend. So far, nothing planned other than a Fashion Walk on Saturday at 11 AM. Going to try and hit some places that are only open on Saturday. Have reached out to the Concierge at my hotel to see if they can help with wait list reservations at Bistrot du Nord and The Jane. Would be great to get in one or both. If not, I am sure I can find somewhere else.

Will report back once I have any news.

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Not sure why you would only focus on these 2 restaurants and not try to get reservations elsewhere? Imho there are other at least as interesting local places. Just have a look at the Michelin site here:

A good alternative for Bistrot du Nord is Ciro’s. Been there once, had the local dish vol au vent. It’s a nice place, but I prefer the restaurant I had mentioned earlier Den Artist. I know Den Artist doesn’t look like much from the internet, but there must be a reason why it’s packed with locals everyday from 5PM on.

Places that are typical for Antwerp, and which you won’t find easily outside of Belgium, are also for example Minerva, and Het Nieuwe Palinghuis.

Personally I’d prefer any of these restaurants over The Jane (Dutch chef, not a Belgian, and could be a restaurant in any major city in the world), and Bistrot du Nord (seems like a limited, and quite ordinary menu imho).

Minerva is only open Monday through Friday, and is pretty far away comparitively from where I will be. The menu looks great, but given I am only there for a weekend, probably not a great choice for me.

That being said, I have sent a request to Restuarant Victor for Friday night (closer in to where I am, and I arrive at 6:55 PM).

I have a 6:30 PM at Den Artist on Sunday night.

That leaves me Saturday night, which I think for now I will leave open. :slight_smile: Thanks for the suggestions.

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If you go to Den Artist make sure to order from the classic Belgian dishes, and not the more modern fusion type dishes. I love their cream based plates, eg the meatballs with endives. It’s like home cooked dishes as a maman would cook in France. Hope you enjoy your weekend!