Antonio's Flying Pizza - Houston

Antonio’s Flying Pizza opened in Houston one year before I arrived and thusly has been in the same location for 48 years - that’s something. During those years, I have driven past it hundreds of times, always admiring the sign, but never stopping in. Lately @jcostiones made a scarily prophetic statement about old standbys closing and suggesting Antonio’s might be next. So I hot footed over to finally try it out.

What I expected was kitchy red checkered table cloths and Kraft salad dressing. What I got was amazing.

No table cloths, but a wine room and a respectable wine list, and as a bonus, a wine knowledgeable server who recommended the Amicone red, and it was delicious.

The salads were fresh, the dressings made fresh from scratch. The house salad with blue cheese dressing is topped with blue cheese crumbles and seasoned crunchy croutons made of their bolillos. The gratis bolillos are served hot and crunchy on the outside and so fluffy on the inside that when I applied the cold butter, it basically hollowed out.

The pizza was not the best I’ve had in Houston, but it was certainly delicious. I would like more yeasty flavor and gluteny texture in the dough. Pictured is the you-buld-it 10" pepperoni, mushroom, green olives and jalapenos. In the back is the speciaty Campagnola pizza with ricotta, sausage and green onion.

I would venture to say more people were eating the pasta or seafood dishes than the pizza.

I really really wish I had visited sooner than 47 years later.

I also noticed other restaurants nearby also previously mentioned here, Garson Persian which is a fav of some friends, and Barwasha Indian, both of which I’d like to return for.


My dad used to take us there when it was “his weekend”.

That was probably pretty close to 47 years ago. Back then there was a window to the kitchen where you could watch them throw the dough. I’ve been a few times since then, but it’s been a decade or more. I’ll have to get back over there soon.

Thanks for the reminder, Lambsy.

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