Antojitos Mexcanos (Keyport) (NJ)

Antojitos Mexcanos is the latest of a series of Mexican restaurants at this location (349 Maple Place; previously there was Diego’s, and before that El Pollo y La Oaxaqueno). The menu for Antojitos Mexicanos is much less ambitious than the previous restaurants–there are only four platters, and the menu is basically (a limited variety of) tacos, burritos, tortas, tamales, and so on.

However, they do have a few things I have not seen elsewhere. For example, I had a quesadilla with huitlacoche ($4.50). What is huitlacoche? The menu translated it as “corn smut”, which sounded highly unlikely, but no, it really is corn smut. Yes, that’s right, the main ingredient is a plant disease. More specifically, it is a fungus, and mushrooms are also fungi, so it is not really that strange, and was actually pretty good.

They also offer a side dish of grilled nopales y cebollitos ($7), both of which I love. Two pads and a half dozen spring onions are $7. (For whatever reason, the prices for some of the items are not on the menu.)

Mark had a burrito enchilada ($7), which was large, but the stuffing includes rice, which I do not like. The green salsa was very good, though, and it came with a fairly large side salad, as well as radish slices and lime wedges.

We also shared a large mango shake ($5)–and by large, I mean a quart-sized mango shake.

The biggest problem was that it was incredibly slow. The quesadilla came out first and was finished before anything else arrived. The side dish came out next, without flatware, and there was a fair gap before the burrito arrived and finally the shake. There seemed to be only two people working, and one apologized for the slowness, saying that there are normally two cooks, but the other cook had not shown up today. Whether this is a common problem remains to be seen.

(I wanted posole, which is on the menu, but available only on weekends, which information is not. Oh, and no diet soda.)

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The website is new and improved.

Took a dozen mixed variety tacos to go and their pork roll and egg breakfast sandwich was delicious.

Still doesn’t have prices for everything, though. In particular, they don’t say how much the side of nopales y cebollas asadas (cactus and onion) is, or the tamales.

Evelyn, The menu link I provided has prices throughout each pg. Are you referring to the $12 dish with cactus as a side? The prices are in ad bubbles. What price is missing for you?

The bottom half of page 6, which is headed “Platillos”. There is a price for pozole, but not the other two items.

Ok, I see what you are referring to. That’s going to require stopping in. Not all items are avail everyday or will remain on the menu due to availability.

Another grab and go for lunch. Really like the way they prepare the taco onions and peppers. But I have to do alot of finger pointing since I lack Spanish. Really need to work on that.

What kind of peppers do they put in the tacos? Most of the places I visit dont have any peppers, but I am intrigued

The onions and green pepper mix is finely chopped. I have no idea what type. Mild heat flavor to the taco seasoning. Next time I will try and ask.

Cool. I’d like to know. When I said most of the Mexican places don’t have peppers, I meant they don’t put them in the tacos…just to clarify.


As I noted elsewhere, Antojitos has closed.

Antojitos has been replaced by Felicita Pizzeria and Mexican Restaurant. One pizza they feature on their Facebook page is chicken tenders, French fries, mozzarella sticks, mozzarella, and barbecue sauce.

I am skeptical.

I looked at their menu–only 1 of 8 pages has Mexican food; the rest is Italian or sandwiches. (And it seems to have a lot of items for such a small place.)

I am even more skeptical.