Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown- Charleston visit

Posting a similar thread here vs the one re: Bay Area.

Looks like Bourdain is coming back to Charleston. Episode is airing 11/15.

More Sean Brock? Other interesting places he’s going to? Any guesses?

I’ve not visited Charleston but the last few years it seems like the development of the restaurant scene there is quite rapid.

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It’s a goodly number of years since I visited Charleston. Found it to be a great food city and it’s the one of which I still have my best general food memories.

via Twitter, it sure sounds like Sean Brock will make an appearance

Sean Brock has a new Mexican place called Minero that I quite liked. I hope he hits up Two Boroughs Larder. There are a couple of really good sandwich places, too, Butcher & Bee, Xiao Bao Biscuit, and Artisan Meat Share. AMS won me over when they put a pate melt on their menu. I read about it in The Local Palate
AMS menu

I hear Brock is his tour guide and Bill Murray, who lives at least part-time in Charleston, also tags along. My guess is it will be raucous and fun with Bourdain and Murray likely hitting the bottle together. I hope they hit up Xiao Bao Biscuit, FIG or TBL, and then maybe Goat.Sheep.Cow cheese shop and Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer (I hear Murray likes that place). Husk is a given. I see them sitting in the bar sipping some Four Roses. I assume they will also visit an old school seafood joint like Bowen’s and maybe attend an oyster roast with The Lee Brothers. I can’t wait to see it!

I loved Butcher & Bee, hated AMS. Very disappointed, made a special effort to go there for an “extra meal” on the way out of town. Got two different meats that sucked.

I just thought I chime in there with something very opinionated and mostly negative, to set the tone, you know, for my first post here … :wink:


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