Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown- Bay area visit


Looks like Bourdain is coming to the Bay Area. Episode is airing 10/25.

Any idea who’s the local that he is working with to get the trip prepped? Any words on where he has visited?

I liked the fact that last time he visited To Hyang, a good mom-and-pop restaurant. Sadly To Hyang is no longer around…


(Gary Soup) #2

Table Hopper mentioned some of rumored venues. The anal retentive AB interviewing Bobby Seale of the Black Panthers at Miss Ollie’s in Oakland could b awkward enough to be entertaining.

And Sinbad’s, WTF?



R&G? boring! he should have gone to Yum’s!



It is funny how some of the old favorites are re-visted over and over again. I’m happy about Miss Ollie’s and some others, but you’d think he’d find something different than R&G.


(Brian Bulkowski) #5

At least he got out of San Francisco. Oakland should be his part of town.

Too bad he didn’t review drinking on the ferry. That would have been a good segment.

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