Anthony Bourdain finds love.........(awwwwwwww)

To be perfectly honest from the picture I thought she was a whole lot younger than her actual age. After reading the article not as “creepy” as I first assumed. Good for him/them, everyone deserves to be happy in life. (even though I still say he as the male version of resting b*tch face)


You seem to be disappointed?!

I saw Asia Argento’s film… not that young… quite a weird match. Actresses are always on diet, why they want to be with chefs?!

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They were very chummy when she appeared on his TV show.

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huh? who? me?

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Hah I saw that photo earlier and thought, “Man his wife must be very open minded.” Had no idea they were separated. But yeah they do seem like a good match for one another.

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