Anstuna Grille

Anstuna Grille-Long Branch

What an amazing dinner we had at Anstuna Grill last night. Four of us, all of whom are very familiar with Middle Eastern food, loved our dinner. We shared three appetizers: fatoush salad (with toasted pita chips, yellow raisins, and pistachio nuts in the salad), ful (a mashed bean dip), and babaganoush (the smokey kind). All with special and different spices and flavors. Then two of us had the chicken kebab entree and two of us, the chicken shawarma. Big plates with chopped salad and yummy rice. I asked for veggies instead of rice and got beautiful grilled vegetables. We will be back, for sure! (And they have a belly dancer on Fri and Sat nights.)


I was thinking about this kind of restaurant recently and not many came to mind around here. Will check it out, thanks.
On a side note, I stopped into Dean’s yesterday and happened to pick up some hummus. Delicious and lots of different flavors. It was so good I wanted to post and this seems like a good spot.

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Thanks for posting about this-I’ve had it on my radar for a while and I’ve been following them on IG. Need to get over there after the summer season…